17 Ways To Crush 2017

How many years have you set goals and and failed to achieve them? If I could show you a few ways to rock 2017 and experience a DEFINITE improvement in your life, are you interested enough to actually try them?

7 Mistakes Men Make in Relationships

    If you were to google the phrase “mistakes men make in relationships”, you’ll get a plethora of USELESS advice written by either women, men who have only been in one relationship or nice guys who have never bloodied their noses in the death ring of a doomed relationship. You’ll read BS such as […]

How To Deal With Jealousy

My head thumped heavily in time with my pulse as blood rushed into it. I could feel the surge of adrenaline course through my body, as my hand shook, nearly dropping the phone it held. The text read “I’d only be coming to see you, baby”. I read through the text a few more times […]

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