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Why Quit Porn and Get Girls? I receive lots of questions about why a website that aims to help men quit porn would also give information which could be potential triggers to porn addicts.

I’ll tell you why. Firstly, there is too much sensitivity as to what “triggers” an addict. It varies greatly from one person to another. One man may be triggered by thoughts learning how to attract and have sex with multiple women and for another, that thought could be a motivation for him to quit porn.
Secondly, not enough men whom are addicted to porn are taking responsibility for what they expose themselves to.

You manage your triggers- your triggers don’t manage you. If you haven’t made a COMMITMENT to quit porn for good, you will always find yourself at the mercy of your triggers.

When men watch porn, the way they view women changes. A woman’s value is reduced to nothing more than an object of pleasure. There is no way that a man who has changed his brain by consuming hundreds of hours of porn can have a healthy, meaningful relationship of any kind with a woman, unless he makes a determined, focused effort to do so.

There are three steps in this process:
1) Quitting Pornography
i)Quitting Porn and Masturbation/Rebooting
ii)Learning to manage your life as a man recovering from porn addiction.
iii)Achieving competence in managing your cravings and triggers.

2) Learning to love yourself as a man
i)Being radically honest with yourself
ii) Improving your self esteem
iii) Learning to be vulnerable

3) Building healthy relationships with women
i)Being Honest with Women
ii)Learning How to Attract women
iii)Maintaining happy healthy relationships
iv) Sexual Confidence and Competence

In order to truly quit pornography as a man, you have to be willing to go to the depth of your addiction-where it began. If you are like the majority of men, your porn addiction is connected to your self image, your masculinity as well as your relationship with women. For some men, porn addiction masks deeper psychological issues. You will also find comprehensive resources here to help you.

If you’re currently trying to quit porn, and you’ve been digesting most of the information available online, you my be under the impression that you have to quit and spend the rest of your life avoiding triggers. You don’t.

There are hundreds of resources that deal with porn addiction and sex addiction recovery, but nothing that teaches men how to find,meet,attract and develop healthy relationships with women without the filter of pornography and while in recovery.

There is an amazing life waiting for you when you quit pornography. We aim to guide you to your most authentic self with women. Whether you seek multiple relationships with attractive women, one night stands, or want to improve your current relationship, we’re here to help you achieve your goal in a healthy, safe and authentic way.

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