Porn Addiction Recovery Coaching

Life Purpose

I now offer coaching and consultations by email, phone and when time permits, in person.

My life is dedicated to helping men overcome pornography addiction, finding  direction in their lives, happiness in relationships and developing peace of mind.

Over the past few years at, I’ve had the pleasure of serving a few hundred men with my unique brand of coaching and mentorship.

My qualifications?


I’m great at failing.I’m relentless. I’m also great at calling men out on their bullshit.

*I’ve overcome a severe 11 year porn addiction and accompanying depression. By failing and relapsing hundreds of times.

*Gone from a having sex with two women to over 120 in a 6 year period while overcoming my addiction.By failing thousands of times.

*Lived and run businesses on three continents in my 20’s.

*Built a direct sales organization from scratch at the age of 22 with zero dollars to a multiple 6 figure organization.By failing thousands of times (cold calling on over 10,000 prospects in person over the course of my career)

What does this have to do with coaching and consultations?

I’m great at failing because I am absolutely RELENTLESS when it comes to pursuing a goal. I do not give up. I do not quit.

I can get to the root of your problem and provide you with deep clarity quicker than anyone I know.

If you reach out to me for my service- I will work with you till we find a solution to your problem.

I receive an average of 120 emails/ day from men on all subjects. I try to answer as many as I can, but the sheer volume makes it almost impossible.

Most emails are questions ranging from my thoughts on attracting women to complex questions about pornography addiction. Eventually, we will launch a forum to answer your questions.

Some of your problems are pressing and require long, detailed solutions.

For these solutions, I charge for series of emails. However, if your question can be answered in a few lines, I will not bill you. If I am unqualified to answer you question, I will not bill you either.

If the answer to your question is already available on QuitPornGetGirls, I will not bill you.

I will give advice and answer questions pertaining to:

  • Porn Addiction & Sexually Compulsive Disorders
  • Dating & Relationship
  • Lifestyle Issues
  • Tough life decisions- particularly in your twenties and thirties


Bear in mind that any information you receive from me  in the psychological, legal, medical or financial arena should not be a replacement, or substitute for professional advice. If you are looking for advice on any of those topics, please seek out a licensed professional.

3 Response Package
*3 Email Questions
*Response to any 3 emails
*Includes followup questions
*For more than 3 choose Unlimited Weekly
Unlimited Week Package
*Send Unlimited Emails for 1 week
*Step by Step Detailed Instruction
*Porn Addiction Recovery
*Dating and Relationship Situations
Unlimited Month Package
*Unlimited Email Responses for 1 month
*Text Message Access
*Step By Step Detailed Instructions
*Dating and Relationship Coaching
*Porn Addiction Recovery
*Sexually Compulsive Habit Recovery
Skype Coaching-Monthly
* 4 skype calls for 1 month
*Unlimited email access
*Unlimted Text access
*Dating and Relationship Coaching
*Porn Addiction Recovery Coaching

*Please be advised that when participating in an email or phone coaching session, in some cases, you will be required to fill out a consulting intake form which will be provided to you after your purchase.


What my clients say about me:


“I’ve never seen anything like this program before. Nobody teaches this stuff. None that I have heard of.

The benefits of working with Chris is that he made me aware of all the negative thinking that hold me back. It made me aware of the impact of how one small thought can change everything. I have been working on and off with him for a year.. all I can say is that I’ve learned some things I  will teach to my kids !! Its like having a wiser, big brother to guide you through tough times”


-Godfrey P.



Coaching with Chris has not only helped me to be a better man but I also have become a better person.

I feel that it is easier to convey my true feelings to people and has also made me evaluate why I have trouble talking to people and has helped me to look deeper at the issues that have plagued me for years. It has made me want to connect deeper with the people I meet and seek out genuine relationships with my friends, family, peers, and coworkers.

I want to thank Chris for responding to my endless emails for a month, I think it has been of great value to me personally and I thank you. I think that there is always work to be done and I will continue to work on my skills however I am happy that to have accomplished this personal growth in my life.”



“Lots of great skills learned in a month. I already did most of it but without knowing what i was actually doing. This helped and still helps me improve in every interaction I have with women.

The best lessons for me was, relating, passion, and having an opinion

I am now way more confident and can have longer conversations with women I just met.. I Still need to work on approaching more women but that’s something that i know will get easier in time as i am now very social.

By being a better conversationalist i have also become alot more social and have many more friends.

This program is the best thing i have spent money on in 2015 and probably my entire life.

– Kevin


“After years of sifting through dating advice from so-called ‘gurus,’ I found that most of them lack one thing that Chris’s system provides: an action plan. After only a few lessons with him, I no longer felt awkward talking to women, or anyone for that matter. They’re just people, and talking is normal! It feels so stupid to write that, but it’s easy to forget when you’re so nervous. I’m kind of kicking myself because now that I know how easy it is to get a girl’s phone number, I’m regretting wasting so many years sitting around reading about this stuff instead of actually doing it.”




“I’ve learned a great deal in just one week with Chris. Thank you for helping me enrich my interactions with others. Communicating with you has already made a profound experience in my life in the matter of one month.”



“So I signed up for coaching with Chris to really help me get a girlfriend and stop watching porn. This guy certainly delivers on that front. I like the way he  assigns skills that gradually develop and build on previous ones. You can practice stuff and home and apply it in the real world.

But he also goes really in-depth into developing your ability to connect with people, inside and outside of dating. I’m having much more fun, in my interactions and just like he said, the changes in my life are having an effect on my relationship with porn!”

– Stephen

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