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My name is  Chris Haven and I’m a recovered porn addict and founder of quitporngetgirls.com. It took me 6 years of concentrated effort to overcome my porn addiction which began at the age of 13 years old.

chrishaven4For the past 4 years, I’ve helped men regain control of their sexual lives, overcome sexual anxiety, have more authentic success with women and master their minds

It is, WITHOUT A DOUBT possible to overcome your addiction to porn, masturbation and other sexually compulsive disorders while building healthy, fulfilling relationships with women. I’ve done it and the men I work with have done so as well.

I’m not a therapist or a psychologist. I built this blog to share the lessons I learned on my journey and since then, I’ve developed my own  very effective systems for recovering from addictions and building relationships.

I’ve been on the long, painful journey to recovery in the age of internet pornography and I have been successful.Because I spent so much time in the trenches of overcoming pornography and dating women, I’m able to see the bigger picture that 99% of men who are addicted to porn or unsuccessful with women don’t see.


Why Should I Listen To You?

 Everything I write about is based on my personal recovery experience. I’m no “guru”. If you don’t agree with what I have to say, you’re welcome to return to the forums or some other corner of the internet and debate, bicker, complain and intellectualize all day long. I’ll still be here serving those who are no longer in denial and serious about living their life to its full potential.

I’m guy who spent over a decade of his life addicted to watching porn and masturbation. I took responsibility for my life, read hundreds of books and learned from dozens of mentors how to overcome my addiction.

I’m more than happy to share all my accumulated knowledge and experience with you.

If you’re curious, here’s my full story:

Porn Addiction Is Real: My Story


Recently, I quit my full time career to focus on helping men beat their porn addiction and fix their issues with women. Since I’ve been fortunate enough to recover from my addiction, I decided to make it my purpose to help men who were once trapped pornography and lost in their lives.


I grew up in a very conservative and religious family. As a result, I developed a lot of sexual shame during my childhood which led to porn use. I was awkward and weird around women from my early teens till my early twenties. It was only then that I decided to fix my life.

Sexual shame is deeply connected to pornography addiction, sexually compulsive behaviors and a lackluster sexual life. Pornography is viewed in private and shame thrives when it is hidden. This is why many men have a problem navigating our current dating landscape. Fear of rejection,anxiety around women, lack of confidence, nice guy syndrome and a dilution of masculinity are some of the many symptoms of sexual shame.

My journey to recovery began when I almost got murdered while trying to meet an anonymous woman whom I had met online for a sexual encounter. I had crossed the lined from watching porn to acting out.That experience led me to seek out mentors, and consume every book on recovery I could find. I applied what I learned to myself and developed the beliefs, values and mindset that led to my eventual recovery and a rather exciting dating life.

One of the reasons why dating and relationships is a huge part of my teachings is because I have a LOT of history with failure in dating. I had a deep longing for  a romantic connection with a woman for most of my teens and twenties. Porn was the only way I could fill that void. I spent many years doing the self work necessary to rebuild my masculinity,self esteem, overcome porn, love myself and become the man that I am today.

The methods I teach work for bad porn habits, addictions and ALL sorts of sexually compulsive disorders while building your skills in intimate relationships as well as more casual relationships. I’ve learned from some of the best, and I’m still learning everyday.

Most of all, I help men find that freedom and peace which is the true definition of success. Nothing brings more happiness and satisfaction than freedom from your chains and peace of mind.


Yes, and I am constantly updating and improving their quality.


Note: I’m an incredibly busy man as I coach and consult with men daily, as well as taking care of my personal life. If you need to contact me and you’re not a personal coaching client, I might not respond right away due to the amount of attention each email concerning recovery requires. However, I sometimes feature questions in my emails that I send out. So send me your questions anyway as they benefit everybody. My email group is of like-minded men who want to improve just like you. So let’s all improve together.

Your journey towards recovery may be long and frustrating. That’s o.k. Really. You will get to your destination.If your are determined, its is inevitable. To truly recovery, you have to be give it your best shot every day of your life and go to bed knowing that you did your best within the circumstances that life thrust you in. That’s what bring true freedom and peace back to your life.


A few times each month, I send out an email with new material, ideas for new recovery tools I am developing and powerful resources I come across as I learn more and more.

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Look at the results my coaching clients and subscribers have gotten:

“I‘m over a month now and I feel so much better. Sometimes when I get into
bed at night now, I just remember how tired I was and how much pain I was
in when I used to go to sleep after my porn binges. It brings such a huge smile to
my face now, that I can go to bed pain free. Thanks Chris.”

“Ivan”, Idaho

“It’s such a change from the person I was 14 days ago who could barely put together
a sentence in front of new people to the guy now who can talk with almost
anyone without thinking about it. Also a couple of people have been telling
me I look different, I’m not sure if its the way I carry myself or something
else but they said they could barely recognize me
from a distance. I do feel different though. I can’t wait till day 30 to see how much more I can change.
I’m not going to sit around and wait for the changes though. I’m going to live
and have fun and what happens happens.”
“Seth”, Utah

“I am on day 26 of the book and have experienced the following benefits in general (keeping mind that
the process is not linear and there will be bad days and times
when the items in this list do not apply): Return of frequent morning
erections, spontaneous erections, better social life, better general well being,
anxiety now plays little to no role in my
life, more attractive to women,stronger, smarter, funnier. Haven’t decided to have sex yet but I have no
worries that I will be able to when I decide. Things are functioning the way nature intended.”


Join the thousands of men who have used my systems to quit porn and live the life of their dreams.

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