Unapologetic Sexuality

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Hello! I find that being unapologetic about your sexuality is one of the main characteristics which separate guys who only get laid occasionally, from men who are knee-deep in pussy.

So, allow me to explain, as quickly as I can. This may get a bit deep, so bear with me:

You are who you are in life, and you hopefully live it to the best of your ability. No one has a manual on life, and everyone is improvising as they go along.

As a person, you have your own set of core values, beliefs, mindsets, and a certain worldview. They may not be perfect, but they are YOUR values, and you live your life according to them, hopefully.

And that is the crucial point to understand here. You may not be perfect as a person, but you have to be perfectly fine with the way you are – and you should never apologize to anyone about how you live your life, as long as you live up to your OWN values and ideals that you have set for yourself!

As a man who lives with a purpose, you have to be okay with yourself as a person, and if you make a mistake, you should have no problem ADMITTING it, and owning up to it. That’s because everyone makes mistakes – and no one is perfect.

It’s all about understanding that no matter who you are, no matter what you do, and no matter what you have going on in your life – SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST NOT GOING TO LIKE YOU. Which means that apologizing for the way that you live your life is a complete waste of your time and energy, and trying to be relatable to everyone and be liked by everyone is inherently a fool’s errand – it can never be done, ever, by anyone.

Now comes the sexuality part:

You like sex, don’t you? You find girls physically attractive, and when you see them, your dick gets hard, and you want to fuck them, don’t you?

Well, would you ever talk about these things freely and admit it to women who you meet and interact with?

WHY NOT!? Are you ASHAMED of your sexuality? Or maybe you’re afraid of other people knowing that you are a sexual person?

Well, being unapologetic is being able to understand that we’re all human – and that we all have sexual urges. Accept the fact that you will always have these natural urges, stop repressing them, and then learn to feel completely comfortable with talking about your sexuality and sex in general with anyone that you meet, particularly and especially women. Show them that you own your sexuality, that you are completely non-judgmental when it comes to sex, and just watch the magic unfold.

You are born to eventually have sex – that is LITERALLY your only biological goal as a human animal – to fuck and pass on your genes. What is the point of hiding it or being ashamed of it?

This is what sets real masculine men apart from “nice guys” and pussies who are afraid of “revealing” the fact that they are sexual beings.

Well, let me tell you something right now, once and for all. You are not “revealing” JACK SHIT – everyone already knows that you’re a guy, that you have a penis – and that guys LIKE TO FUCK WOMEN WITH IT! And women understand this because they LIKE TO FUCK MEN and crave dick inside them. Simple biology.

But it’s not just any dick women want – only a dick with a purpose – and one that stands proud, and not fucking cowers behind doubt and shame regarding its biological purpose.

So, man the fuck up, stop being a little bitch pussy wuss, and OWN UP TO YOUR SEXUALITY. Even better, be unapologetic about your sexuality!

If you don’t – then it’s no wonder why you suck with women – because how are you even supposed to make a girl want you sexually if you’re afraid of letting her know that you want to fuck her?

If you’re afraid of girls finding out that you want to fuck them – then you are being incredibly inauthentic and disingenuous! That’s the express ticket to friend-zone-land!

So, next time you hold eye contact with a girl who’s into you – don’t look away. Imagine fucking her right then and there, and how she’d look while sucking your dick, right there on the spot. Then look her up and down, at her breasts, crotch, and feel the horniness arise within you, feel your dick swell – smile knowingly at her with that killer look – and she’ll notice it and ask you “What are you thinking about?” or whatever. Just reply with “Let’s go somewhere private, and I’ll show you” and fucking mean it. She’ll melt.

Not apologizing for being a sexual person and being clear in your intent with girls are one of the main reasons why women find bad boys so irresistibly attractive, as opposed to timid and meek “nice guys” who most attractive girls will never respect. If you want to learn more about this and see what other character traits are necessary to be a masculine and sexworthy man, then make sure to read why women like bad boys!

But then again, you have to have your shit together to be able to pull all of this off. Not everyone does, but pretty much anyone can learn. If you’re an insecure, blubbering mess, who has weird body language, who’s voice cracks when talking to women – it will all be incredibly cringy, creepy, and terrible – and women won’t respond positively to this.

So, your goal it to improve yourself as a person first and foremost – get your shit together – and when you can stand up to pressure, can look a woman in the eye with a knowing smile, hold the sexual tension and not look away – you’ll be surprised at the results.

TL;DR – Want to know how to get more pussy? STOP BEING A PUSSY – because you have a dick, and not a vagina. Don’t try to hide it – everyone already knows.

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