Life Experience is Greater Than Science


I just got off the phone with my father this morning. During our conversation, he asked me how my businesses were going and if I was getting enough rest.

I told him that I was sleeping 4 hours per night. He immediately became concerned and began to lecture me on the importance of sleeping 7-8 hours per night. I smiled, nodded and agreed.

This should be the approach you take every time someone gives you advice which doesn’t work for you.

Don’t try convincing them otherwise – they will never understand.

To illustrate my point, I’m going to use two topics which I have over a decades worth of experience and data on. Sleep and efficiency.

Scores of scientific studies have shown that we “need” 7 hours of sleep to perform “optimally”.

You’ll hear people saying “ I need my 7 hours everyday”.

No one ever talks about the fact that the “7 hour” theory of sleep is a relatively young concept in world civilization- owing its existence to western industrialization.

What happened before that?

Were we always sleeping 7 hours a night?

No one wants to talk about that because everyone wants to stay comfortable with the belief that 7 hours is necessary.

Personally, after years of practice, I have reduced my sleep to between 3-4 hours per night and I function just fine. The human body can adapt to almost anything given time and a smart approach.

My efficiency has never reduced, I have not lost any muscle mass, my testosterone/ hormone levels haven’t taken a hit and I don’t feel impaired when I drive.

I’ve been going off this amount of sleep since 2006.

Before you put your trust in science (or religion), try it yourself.

Try working 19 hour days for a week straight and see what happens.

You may be exhausted, irritable and in slight pain, but think of how much you would accomplish.

What if you had to work a 19 hour day sometime in the future? Would you have the confidence that you could do it?

The bottom line is that scientific studies are carried out for the masses- the average.

The sample demographics are pulled from the everyday man who wants to live an average life. Whats the average man like?

  • He’s over weight
  • He watches porn and masturbates more than he has sex
  • He’s monogamous- by socialization
  • He works at a job he hates or he’s broke
  • He googles everything he wants to do in life first to see how hard it is before making a decision for himself
  • He watches TV
  • He uses social media to “socialize” and is a consumer, not a producer.

If you aspire to be average, then by all means pay attention to scientific studies.

If you want to live a life of success (defined by you), or an extraordinary life, realize that science only places boundaries on you.

Trust yourself before you trust a scientific study.

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