The Real Cost of Your Porn Addiction ( and a $750 giveaway!)


When I first sat down, at the advice of a mentor many years ago to calculate the cost of my porn addiction, I assumed there was no cost, because I mainly watched free tube sites.

You may also be thinking the same thing.

Of course, there are other men whose financial costs includes:

Massage Parlours
Live sex chat
Escorts/ Prostitues
Hotels for meeting prostitutes

These are the obvious hard costs. However, I’d like to address the less obvious, but no less damaging cost of your addiction.


How much time have you spent on pornography in your lifetime?

Here’s how to figure that out:

Estimate the number of hours you have spent on porn each week from the age of 18. I use 18 years old, because you are an adult at this point.
Take the time, going back each year and and estimate how many hours your spent watching porn and masturbating.Multiply the number of hours you come up with by fifty two( weeks in a year) and then multiply it by the number of years you’ve been watching porn for.

The number you get will be the total hours you have spent on porn as an adult.

Divide that number by 8,760( number of hours in a year). That will show you how many years you have spent on porn every year ( assuming it was done all day, every day of the year)

Another way is to divide the total hours spent on porn by 40. This gives you the number of weeks you spent on porn and masturbation assuming that porn and masturbation were your fulltime job.

What would you do if you were given all that time back/ What would you accomplish in your life?

Lets get a little deeper.

Think about how much you would get paid per hour for each year of your life. Multiply how much you get paid per hour by the number of hours spent on porn.

That’s how much your time spent watching porn was worth.

Add all those yearly amounts up to find out how much your time is worth for 40 or 50 years.
For most people, this amount could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions.

Lost Opportunities:

Have you flunked a class because of your porn addiction?

Are you showing up late and exhausted to work because you were up till 3am masturbating on tube sites?

Is your business suffering because instead of focusing on improving your skills, or getting more clients and customers, you opt to spend that time with porn?

Does the need to watch porn keep interrupting your day?

I’ve met guys who’s answer to the above questions is “Yes”. Its quite unfortunate – and true.

Even if it hasn’t happened to you yet- it is very possible that often inevitable that porn will begin to steal opportunites from you.

Destroyed Relationships:

Divorce sucks. So do most break ups. I feel bad for any man who goes through a rough divorce- particularly if he lost a lot of his financial assets in the split.

If you got divorced due to your incessant porn use, though, that is your fault. Most guys I talk to who lose their relationship to porn feel really bad about it, but they have this amazing ability to forget the pain over time and crank up their porn use.

Eventually, they get into another relationship and carry their addiction into that relationship as well.

Having a porn addiction in a relationship causes a lot of pain to your partner. I’ve been there and all I have to say is that its just not fair to put a woman through that.

Fix yourself and become a worthy long-term partner, if that is what you desire.

When your porn addiction is a secret, it wrecks even more havoc- on all members of your family, in ways you may be oblivious to.

Many men, as they work with me and get deeper into their past come to realize that the reason their fathers were so detached from them was usually due to some hidden addiction.

I’m going to give away a prize this week.

Respond to this post via email or in the comments.

Figure out the costs of your addiction and send it to me.

Really dig deep, spend time and do the work- for you.

The first three responses I choose get a free 1 hour porn recovery coaching session with me.

For the record, my rates for one on one phone coaching are $250/ hour, so that’s $750 worth of coaching that I’m giving away this week.

Some guys think they can’t afford my rates, but the truth is the lifetime cost of their addiction is literally 10,000 times more than the cost of recovery !

I’m not worried about giving away those hours and I’ll tell you why.

Porn addicted men are NOTORIOUS for not following through.

Most people are like that, but guys addicted to porn are not “finishers”.

When I say “You are not a finisher.” You know EXACTLY what I mean if you are hooked on porn.

You have a habit of starting projects which you never finish. This not just a “bad habit”- it is a direct result of neurological changes in your brain brought about by your porn use.

That’s why I’m willing to reward guys who make the effort.

Hope to see some hard costs in my inbox today.


If you haven’t already done so, take a few minutes and fill out our Porn Addiction Quiz to find out whether you are actually addicted to porn or just freaking out:

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  • Redman

    Let’s see…

    I’m 24 years old. I’d say on average I spend 6 hours a
    week masturbating and watching porn?

    That rate has gone up and down but an acceptable 6 year average would be 4 hours a week.

    Now 4 * 52 = 208 Hours. :/

    312 hours * 6 (years) = 1248 hours. :((

    Now, to convert that into potentially lost income:

    Most I ever made was about $17.00 an hour.

    That means…

    If I worked all those hours…

    I would’ve made $21,216.00. And that’s a lot of money. A ton of money.

    And that’s just being conservative.

    I know I’m an above average guy.

    So let’s say I’m WORTH $30 an hour (otherwise at an unimpressive average $60k salary).

    1248 hours spent watching porn * 30/hr = ….

    $37,440!!! I could’ve hired a secretary for a whole year if I worked those hours I spent masturbating and watching porn at a decent job.

    Now let’s say I…….

    Continue masturbating and watching porn at the current abysmal rate of 4 hours a week.

    And I continue earning $$$ at the also abysmal rate at $17.00 an hour (I’m actually unemployed and that’s not NOT because of my addiction racking my life.)

    I’m 24. So let’s say I continue this for another 10 years.
    At 34, masturbating 4 hours a week… (4 * 52 * 10) …2080 hours spent.

    2080 hours * 17/hr = $35,360 $$$ lost. LOST.

    And at 44? $70,720 lost.

    That’s stock investment money. That’s small business start-up money.

    And I’m only calculating at a $$$ amount that I’ve made, not at WHAT MY ACTUAL POTENTIAL EARNING HOURLY RATE COULD BE.

    So even calculating at an average income –
    34: 2080 hours * 30/hr = $62,400. That’s a lot of money to not earn due to jacking off to other people bang. That’s seriously disgusting and depressing.
    44: 4160 hours * 30/hr = $124,800.

    That’s just depressing. And that money could be mine?

    I still can’t get over I’ve spent 1248 hours watching porn. Is that even possible?
    Maybe not exactly that number. But I’m sure I clocked in at least 1000+ hours.
    Watching other people screw.

    And that’s the real depressing fact.

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