Is Elizabeth Smart a Fraud?

Elizabeth Smart

A few days ago, I received an alert stating that a certain child kidnap victim- “Elizabeth Smart” was blaming her captor’s “sick pornography addiction” for her 9 rape ordeal while kidnapped.

For those of you who don’t know the story, here’s an excerpt/summary of what happened taken from the YouTube Page of the non profit Fight The New Drug:

“Elizabeth Smart’s horrific story began on the night of June 5, 2002 in an upscale neighborhood in Salt Lake City, when a bearded man cut the screen of her open bedroom window and dragged the 14-year-old girl into the night with a knife to her throat. For the next nine months, Elizabeth was held captive in the Utah mountains and raped multiple times a day.”


Here’s the thing.

I spent over a decade in face to face selling on full commission. As in door to door.If I didn’t sell, I didn’t eat. I learned very quickly how to spot a liar and someone who was wasting my time. I also became an expert at reading body language and handling objections.

Within two minutes of watching this video, my old bullshit sensors lit up like crazy. Something was not right. I shared the video with several therapist, and salesmen friends of mine. They also admitted that something wasn’t right. Admittedly, they did so grudgingly because who want to believe that this beautiful, blonde lady who was a victim of such a horrific crime could be lying.

Based on my experience, Elizabeth Smart is straight up lying.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m the same guy who believes that porn plays a role in sexual assault, even writing an article How Porn Makes You a Rapist. That has not changed.

I am also aware that Fight The New Drug is bringing a powerful spokesperson forward to push their agenda which intersects with mine.

However, there are two things I am against- false rape claims and anything which pushes an agenda that will hurt men.

The video completely disregards the psychological state of her alleged kidnapper Brian David Mitchell and instead focuses in his insatiable need to watch porn. Implying that his porn use fueled his continued rape of her on a daily basis.

Whats the problem with this?

This is making national news. If it becomes “common knowledge” that pornography viewing leads to sexual assault, two things will happen:

  1. The anti pornography agenda of certain powers that be will be pushed forward.
  2. Men will suffer collateral damage. Men are already facing restrictive laws in the area of “date rape”. This will only add to the pressure we face.
  3. More men will become afraid of having their pornography used exposed. You can already be accused of “raping” a woman if both of you were intoxicated and she doesn’t remember what happened. Now you have the added risk of your browser history being pulled up as proof that you are a rapist.4) Fear makes men more controllable.

Perhaps this sounds a tad alarmist to you. Well, you should be alarmed. In our lifetimes we have seen some of the most insane and freedom repressing laws passed and like sheep, we have sat in front of our screens and passively watched.

Men who watch porn already deal with a lot of shame programmed into them by society. Adding the “porn makes you a serial rapist” narrative to this only brings more shame. Shame is used by religious and conservative organizations to control their followers.

Here are a few “interesting” facts I uncovered about the Elizabeth Smart case:

  1. Elizabeth Smart never ran away from her captors. Before you say “Stockholm Syndrome, dumbass”- read the rest of the facts.
  2. During the 9 months when she was abducted, Elizabeth went to a party and various other social outings with her alleged kidnappers. She never once asked for help.She was also spotted with her alleged captors at a buffet during the months of kidnapping. It was reported that she was able to stand up and serve herself food.No attempt to alert anyone or escape
  3. After 9 months of daily rape and being shackled to a tree, Elizabeth Smart did not undergo therapy.She was not on any sort of medication. She received no form of professional counseling. As a matter of fact, Elizabeth CHOSE not to disclose any of the details of her alleged ordeal to anyone. Check out this quote from People Magazine: “I don’t feel the need to talk about what happened to me, but if I do, I know my family is there,” she says. Ed Smart insists his daughter isn’t just keeping everything bottled up inside. “We haven’t gone through what happened to her blow-by-blow, but both Lois and I have heard different things from her,” he says. “It’s a part of her life she can never forget, but it’s nothing she wants to dwell on. So we try not to dwell on it either.”
  4. Elizabeth, to public knowledge, apart from memorized speeches which is gives as an “activist” has never given details of what happened to anyone. Here’s a clip of her shutting down Nancy Grace when asked for details about her alleged kidnapping:
  5. On the night she was returned to her family, after 9 months of daily sexual abuse, using a bucket as a toilet and being shackled to a tree, she went off to be calmly, after telling her parentsDon’t worry, I’ll be here in the morning.” (Seriously!?)
  6. During the period when she was missing and the entire nation was engrossed with her story, Elizabeth and her captors were approached by homicide detective at a downtown library. According to reports, she and her captors were questioned by the detective for 15 minutes.She never once asked for help.
  7. According to Elizabeths 9 year old sister who was with her in the room at the time of the kidnapping, claimed that Elizabeth was taken at gun point. Later, that “fact” changed to knifepoint. A few month later, Elizabeths sister “suddenly remembered” that in fact the man who kidnapped her was known as “Emmanuel” aka Brian David Mitchell, an itinerant “prophet”, panhandler and thief who possibly suffered from some serious mental illness.
  8. When she was finally taken into custody, she denied that she was Elizabeth Smart several times. She also lied about her age, claiming she was 18 and was annoyed the police continued questioning.Furthermore, she did not identify herself until her father arrived at the police station.
  9. Six years after being kidnapped, shackled to a tree and raped daily, Elizabeth Smart was off to Paris, France on her Mormon mission.Three years later, she was married.
  10. During the trial of Brain David Mitchell, a forensic psychiatrist testified that Elizabeth Smart picked out a name for a baby in case she got pregnant:” Mr Mitchell was talking with Miss Smart about having babies to the point where Miss Smart actually picked out a name in case that happened”.   On hearing the forensic psychiatrists testimony, Elizabeth stormed out of the courtroom.
  11. No forensic evidence was taken from Elizabeth Smart to prove her alleged repeated rapes. In fact, her alleged abductor Brian David Mitchell plead not guilty to all charges. Unfortunately, during his interview, he refused to tell investigators how Elizabeth Smart ended up with him- instead, repeatedly stated that “The Lord delivered her to me”. His partner in crime, Wanda Barzee- also suffering from mental illness and off her medications by her own admission struck a plea deal for a reduced sentence. She claimed that she was completely manipulated by Brian David Mitchell. Full Interrogation video of Brain David Mitchell:     Full Transcript of  interview with Wanda Barzee
  12. Her alleged abductor was tried in a court full of Mormons- including a Mormon judge.
  13. Elizabeth’s uncanny ability to come out of this sort of trauma apparently unscathed has been theorized to be an act of strong “faith” or an anomaly which proves that our modern therapeutic culture is wrong by assuming that everyone handles trauma the same way.
  14. Elizabeth Smart makes a living these days as a professional keynote speaker/ activist,working against sexual exploitation and various other causes.Here is her speaker page where she commands fees 10-$20,000 per speech.
  15. Elizabeth Smart is Mormon. Brian David Mitchell who had some sort of messianic complex as a part of his mental illness was a Mormon- in and out of the LDS church.
  16. The non-profit which produced the video, Fight The New Drug was founded by a group of young Mormon men.

By the way, here’s a picture of Elizabeth on the day she was rescued:

elizabeth smart

I’ll make no further connections, and allow you do your research and come to your own conclusions.

I’m just kidding, screw it- if you’ve read this far and are still confused, let me just state it clearly:

No one really know what exactly happened between Elizabeth Smart, Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee. The only person whose word the court had to go by was the testimony of a 14 year old girl who showed NO signs of trauma, had NO forensic examination performed to confirm rape and who not only was reluctant to be parted from her “captors”, but on several occasions made no attempt to leave.

Her alleged kidnappers where both mentally ill and one copped a plea deal to get a reduced sentence.

Till today, no one knows the details of of what really happened.

Except Elizabeth Smart.

The public wants to believe that the innocent, religious 14 year old was kidnapped by the crazy, rapey drifter. We want to punish “sickos” like him.

The Judge, Jury, Police Force, Media and onlookers want to root for her. We want stories of triumph.

But here’s a thought for you..what if there was a third “crazy” person in this story….Elizabeth Smart?

What of if Elizabeth Smart was a straight up ultra religious Mormon teen- raised in the Temple and on stories of prophets, angels and “chosen ones”?

What if the charismatic and insane drifter came through town and she fell under the spell of this “Emmanuel”?

What if her sister knew about this all along?

What if she had consensual sex with this man and agreed to be with him?

What if, when she realized the gig was up decided to save herself by changing the key details of the story?

What if she hid behind her faith as a Mormon and a religious culture that celebrated her power to “overcome” such great adversity?

What if Elizabeth Smart is a fraud?

I’m all for Fight The New Drug being creative and strategic in education the masses about the dangers of pornography. I believe their heart is in the right place and they are the most powerful grassroots movement educating the world about the dangers of pornography.

I do feel that they, like the majority of people who followed the saga of Elizabeth Smart bought into her story- more so because they come from a strong Mormon background. They no doubt followed the story themselves and possibly put Elizabeth on a pedestal.

These are a group of young men who called a meeting one day in their college dorm room and decided to build a powerful movement that would influence the way the world viewed pornography.

There is only one scenario where a group of college age men will come together to STOP PORN.

Men who have been raised  right up to adulthood with conservative religious values.

They knew they would come up against much adversity, but they would undoubtedly prevail.( much like the founder of their religion Joseph Smith, who built a small, obscure religion into one of the most successful and without a doubt most entrepreneurial religions in the United States).

These are men who come from a religion that send them to literally every corner of the earth as missionaries to convert people to their faith.

Something is not right with this Elizabeth Smart lady that they are bringing out as the face of the “victim of pornography”.

And you know what that is?

She’s a fraud.

I’ll end this with a photo:



This man is Richard Ricci, the handyman of the Smart family, who was the top suspect in the kidnapping case. Shortly after Elizabeth disappeared, he was picked up for parole violation and sent to Utah State Prison. Richard and his family maintained his innocence till he died of a brain aneurysm a few months later in prison. Shortly after,his arrest and incarceration, Elizabeth’s sister (perhaps out of guilt) spontaneously “remembered” that Brian David Mitchell may have kidnapped her sister. Richards wife sued the government and received a settlement-she however later spiraled into drug abuse and died a few years later of a drug overdose.

In Conclusion:


Elizabeth Smart is most likely a fraud, profiting from an inaccurate story and riding the wave of celebrity she received for “surviving a kidnapping”

I believe Elizabeth Smart and perhaps some parties involved in this case never divulged the full story of her “abduction”

Elizabeth’s acting as a (probably paid) spokesperson for Fight The New Drug, claiming that pornography fueled her kidnappers constant rape is dangerous to men because it leads to the enacting of laws that will persecute men.


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