The Rise of Social Prostitution

social prostitute

There’s an important issue I’d like men who read QPGG to understand. From the emails I receive, it’s apparent that many men have a skewed perception of how sexual economics works in our society.

Remaining unaware of how it works will most likely lead to you being completely screwed down the road.

In addition to lack of awareness, the sexual marketplace is being further eroded by the rise and subsequent debate about what I call the “sugar daddy” culture.

As the story goes, life is so hard for young men and young women in particular, that they have to resort to having wealthier men pay them for companionship and sexual favors in order to make ends meet.

Whats particularly interesting about this concept, is the positive spin that is sometimes put on it by the women themselves in a bid to justify these actions as “empowering”.

The bottom line is that any exchange of economic resources for companionship or sex from the opposite sex is a form of prostitution.

Prostitution, however, has been around since time immemorial. We simply have to fully understand its current incarnation.

If you are addicted to internet pornography, you have participated paid the bills of a sex worker somewhere- without exception, whether its by logging on to the cam of a college age sex worker every night or patronizing and increasing the views on the videos of your favorite porn star,

There is only one reason for this article- to protect you from getting married to a prostitute or former prostitute without your knowledge.

I personally have nothing against sex workers. I happen to agree that sex work should be legalized and sex workers granted the protection and job security that is granted to other professions.

I also believe that a long and drawn out professional career as a sex worker renders many women ineligible for long term relationships with men. In the current social environment and the challenges faced by masculinity, many men run the risk of ending up with the wrong woman by not fully understanding the dynamics of sexual economics.

The basics:

Men provide economic resources to women in exchange for sex.

There’s a myth that accompanies this fact which you may not have heard of.

Lets get it out of the way.

I call it the “Pretty Woman Myth”.

In the movie “Pretty Woman”, starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, an older sugar daddy (Gere) falls in love with a pretty young prostitute (Roberts).

Its a nice romantic story, except for the fact that the entire premise is false.

In reality, wealthy men know the difference between falling for a woman, and exchanging money for physical attractiveness and sexual availability.

Over time, an older, wealthier mans wealth and assets increase while a womans looks decrease.

Take for instance, a 20 year old woman- young, sexy, vibrant and attracting attention from every heterosexual man. Fifteen years later, with few exceptions, her youth and beauty have faded.

Now take a wealthy man of 45 years old. Fifteen years later, he is 60 years old. His financial situation, is most likely the same or better than it was 15 years ago.

This only applies to wealthy men. All other men will either settle for older women, resign themselves to pornography, or spend what they can afford on prostitutes. Most travel to third world countries where they can procure the services of younger, attractive women at a fraction of what they would spend in their home countries.

Men will travel for sex. Women don’t have to.

THIS is the reality of the sexual market place.

For the wealthy older man, changing women over the years is no different from switching from a mercedes benz to a bentley.

For the women married to these men, their only source of protection is an iron clad prenuptial agreement and retaining the best damn attorney she can find.

Well what of the vast majority of men who are either younger and unestablished, middle aged and middle class, or older ?

Here are your options:

Younger men(18-34):

Focus on building wealth. This is the best thing you can do for yourself in your twenties and early thirties.

From the age of 20-30 years old, I worked in sales, eventually running my own sales training company. I worked on full commissions (that mean high commissions), 65-80 hours a week and built an incredible work ethic while arming myself with formidable sales skills. My goal was to work har din my twenties so I could focus on doing the things I was passionate about in my 30s.

That worked out well for me. I also beat my porn addiction, and got laid a lot, especially in my late twenties.

Beat Your Porn Addiction: If you’ve got any negative addictions in your teens or twenties, you MUST overcome them in this decade. It may be sex, porn, internet, videogames, masturbation-whatever.Get coaching, go to therapy, enroll in residential treatment- do whatever it takes to quit your addiction.

If you don’t beat it, life will only get harder for you down the line.

Do you want to be the old guy begging for gay sex on shady classified online?

Do you want to be the middle aged married man who gets busted for get a blowjob in his car from a transgender prostitute?

Do you want to be the grandpa that sexually abuses his grandkids?

I don’t think so.

Fix your addictions.Now.

Beating an addiction also gives you reserves of mental strength that many people do not have.

The foundation of hardwork and wealth will allow you to not only live a life of freedom, but to have freedom on the sexual marketplace later in life.


Don’t get married:

Until you hit your late thirties to early forties, you haven’t really lived. That girl that you’re planning to settle down with at 29? You may feel differently about her at 39. Statistically- she definitely will.

Give yourself a change to experience life through travel, dating different women, and sampling different lifestyles based on your financial status and goals in life.

Don’t get married because “its the right thing to do”, “because that what people do”, “because I don’t want to be old when my kids are young”, “because I don’t think I’ll find anyone else”. “because its easier to build wealth as a couple”.

All these are reasons fed to you by society. Don’t buy into them.

By your late thirties and early forties, you will have a maturity and experience to understand what sort of woman you want in your life, whether a longterm monogamous relationship fits your lifestyle, or whether you really want children.

Additionally, your financial status should be more stable and your value in the sexual market will still be high.

Middle aged (35-45):

Improve your game:

Whether you are married or not, it is imperative to learn and understand Game. That knowledge will make your monogamous relationship stronger. It will give you the confidence that your marriage can implode and you’d find a higher caliber woman to the replace the one you have in short order.

It will give you back the power that years of raising children and being a breadwinner may have taken from you.

If you aren’t married, you may want to take a good look at your finances. Its not too late to start building wealth and setting yourself up for the next half of your life. You will need an INSANE work ethic to achieve big financial goals at this age, though. Energy and stamina are not on your side.

Make fitness your priority:

After the age of thirty, the aging process becomes visible in most men. Slower than women, but it all depends on your genetics.

The single factor that will determine your physical attractiveness is your physical fitness and your physique. You must life weights, do intense cardio and make fitness one of the biggest parts of your life.

You need stamina to compete in the sexual market place. You need it in business as well.

If you are jumping into business in your thirties or forties, you will be competing with younger, better looking and hungrier men. Your fitness levels and stamina will set you apart. Most young men take their health and fitness for granted.

While they’re partying it up till 3am after a 12 hour day at work, you’ll be busting out your last cardio session at 9pm and in bed by 10:30, to be up at 4:00am to kick ass.

Quit Porn: If you are still addicted to pornography at this age, you NEED professional help. Nothing fucking irks me more than a man in his thirties who has been addicted to porn for 15 years telling me that a Youtube video he watch on quitting porn gave him some “good tips”.

Buddy- you’ve been watching porn several times a month for 15 years. A youtube video ain’t gonna cut it.

Get into a professional multi-month program:

Older Men (45+):

First off, its your choice whether you want to be labelled as “older” by 45.

Tyson Beckford is 45 years old, and yeah, he’s a super model and “black don’t crack” or whatever-but he could pass for 27 years old if he chose to.

Tyson Beckford

45 years old

Wealth: If you aren’t wealthy by this age, and you have a sincere interest in participating vigorously in the sexual marketplace you have two options:

  1. Pull a Colonel Sanders. Very Risky.
  2. Move to a third world country.

    I wrote the draft of this article in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam two weeks ago, and every evening that I went out, I saw an guy in his 60’s with a hot vietnamese twentysomething year old on his arm. In fact, while having Sunday brunch at a star hotel in HCMC on my last weekend, I saw white guy who MUST have been pushing 80 years old at a table with a vietnamese woman in her thirties and three mixed kids! Lest you think it was her father-in-law, she was feeding him soup and alternating it with kisses to the lips. None of the staff in that hotel even blinked.

    Third world countries are the ONLY places left on earth where your $35,000/ year will take you very far in the sexual market place. The fact that you are a westerner, or an expatriate makes you instantly more attractive to a huge cross section of local women.

Health and Fitness: I can’t emphasize this enough. Fitness is the great equalizer. Wealth, of course is better- but if you’re healthy in mind and body, you are capable of ANYTHING.

Fix your addictions: At this age range, living with an addiction is a receipe for life long unhappiness. Your entire life up till now has NOT been fully lived, no matter how you’ve sold it to yourself. You cannot experience a fulfilling life of any sort with a serious addiction.

It is never too late to overcome your addictions.


What are your thoughts on social prostitution and age as it relates to men?


  • Marco

    Dude…this was,to date,one of your best articles…I especially enjoyed the age bracket breakdown…I’m a well-preserved 42 year old man but unfortunately I fall into the 35k/year income group…and my plan is exactly as you said to hit up a few third world countries with the goal of expatriation away from the West….I’m willing to trade our safety,cleanliness and well-organized society for a hot South East Asian or a Latina stunner.You only live once and I want to make up for all my youth lost on a marriage and filling my huge suburban home with useless junk that all ended up in the divorce fire.
    Cheers man,keep inspiring us to do better!

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