I am not Anti- Pornography

Not Anti Porn


Recently, Republican delegates voted to propose an amendment which declares pornography ” a public health crisis”.

QuitPornGetGirls.com supports this initiative.

There is already propaganda being put out by the DNC  which is trying to brainwash the masses into believing that there is no proof that pornography is harmful.

There is a knee-jerk tendency to dismiss anyone who shines a light on the dangers of pornography as “anti porn” or having a “religious agenda”.

Pornography, when compared to other forms of media entertainment reveals a startling double standard.

On mainstream TV, sociopathic behavior like murder and violent rape is routinely showed- and consumed by kids, yet there is no criticism. It is all justified as “entertainment”.

However, most mainstream pornography (keyword is most) depicts natural sex acts between consenting adults. This is deemed unacceptable to show to children and adults. Society basically rules showing a natural,normal human act on camera as “wrong”.

In Western countries, if a man, by the age of 50 has not murdered another human being, most psychologists would agree that this is normal human behavior.
On the other hand, in the same societies, seemingly healthy man is still a virgin at age 40 or 50, most psychologists would assume that something was wrong with him.

Killing another human is not normal. Sex with another human is normal.

So why then is murder and rape normal in out movies, but sex is not?

“But sex is a private act.”

Yes- so is birth, marriage and funerals. They are all depicted in mainstream media.

If a woman were to date the lead actor, director or producer of a hit TV show which depicts violent crime and rape, her family and friends would deem her as having made a successful “catch”.

On the other hand, if she was to date a pornographer, she would be chastised and judged for having made a wrong choice.

The Problem:

not anti-porn-


There are certain people who have hidden agendas when it comes to pornography. They fall into two main groups: Religious leaders and those who seek to control society. This includes some prominent feminist organizations.

The biggest issue they have with pornography is the fact that porn depicts women having sex with multiple partners without any emotional attachment. This is an action which according to “common knowledge” goes against a womans evolutionary roles.

Each of these groups has some contradictions to deal with:

1) Religious organizations claim that pornographers prey on women who are poor, desperate or of low economic standing.
This is actually true.
However, it is no different from religious organizations themselves which recruit the bulk of their flock from similar socio-economic groups.
2) Some organizations and groups claim that pornography is liberating for women and a means of self expression. Perhaps it is.
Yet, these same groups omit the fact that wealthy women do not have pornographic careers. Similarly, when it comes to religion, socially and mentally well adjusted people do not NEED religion.

The same is true for the reasons why people join the army.You get great great incentives such as education, housing and a regular paycheck. On the other hand, there is a risk of death, dismemberment and severe psychological damage. Should we therefore disband the military? Of course not! There is a proven need for an armed forces to defend the nation.
Similarly, there is a high demand for pornography. According to some of the latest research, more than 25% of ALL web searches are for pornography. The demand is there, and just like in the armed forces, there will be casualties.

Our Expectations:

The main problem lies in our expectations of how men and women should behave. These expectations are shaped by the society we live in. Unfortunately, none of the expectation match reality.

Here’s a short dose of reality for you:

Men and womens brains differ drastically when it comes to sexuality. I have covered this issue in many previous articles, but suffice to say, while both men and women are capable of having casual, no strings attached sex, there is a lot more risk involved in it for the woman.

a) Biology: Men have the innate ability to have sex with a woman with absolutely no emotional attachment.
This is not an innate ability for the vast majority of women, rather a socially engineered ability.

b) Pregnancy: The risk of pregnancy has obviously decreased since the advent of contraceptives, but this does not eliminate the fear or risk of pregnancy. Fear of pregnancy? I have had sex with many women who had IUDs (intrauterine device), yet had seemingly irrational fears of pregnancy, the IUD getting dislodged, or piercing their uterus- all of which are possible,but extremely rare.
Getting pregnant by accident, of course severely changes the trajectory of a woman’s life.

c) Bonding: Having sex with the same women over a period of time will eventually lead to the woman developing an emotional attachment to the man- especially if he falls into the category of a provider.
Despite the narrative that women can have casual sex “just like men”, the reality is that certain parts of our biological make up can never be changed – no matter how much we progress socially as a species. This ability to have casual sex is not innate in everyone. Some men and women are happy with one partner, or a series of monogamous relationships without casual sex in between. In the process of buying into this false narrative which is frequently packaged as “empowerment”, many young women put themselves at risk of mental illness and emotional trauma later in life when they realize that they weren’t really cut out for that life. By the time they realize this, it is too late.
The effects of multiple casual flings take its toll- usually in their inability to maintain long term relationships with men.

Pornography does cause harm and one of the way it does so is when it gives a false sense of expectation of what sex is to couples.

For instance, frequent porn viewing causes men to objectify women.
I remember when I was stuck on porn, I expected every woman to have a perfect, tight body, go to the gym, and be open to performing every possible sexual act.

Reality check: Most women are not walking around with squeaky clean anuses. Anal sex is anal sex, but ask yourself this question:

“ Do I consider the female anus a point of excretion(shitting for those of you who don’t understand) or an exciting place for me to insert my penis?”

To the “pornified” mind, the concept of the actual biological function of the anus is rarely ever considered.

In reality, not all women look like porn stars or have any interest in catering to a mans every sexual desire.

In the same vein, while men expect women to behave a certain way thanks to pornography, women expect men to act a certain way as well thanks to the media.

For instance, in many Hollywood movies, women do not work, but instead live in mansions on a hill with a wealthy husband who somehow seems to have time to crank out 60+ hours of work , be present for all family events, fulfill his obligations as a husband and father without any sign of emotional stress.

This fantasy is damaging because it allows women to feel that men can provide them with a home, children, provide for them financially AND be there for them all the time.

Both depictions of women in pornography and men in mainstream media are two sides of the same coin. Pornography makes men desire women of above average looks and mainstream media makes women desire men of above average income and lifestyles.

This doesn’t help either and both sides end up lonely because we don’t want to “settle”.

Men are objectified economically and women are objectified sexually.

Pornography Addiction:


Addiction has been defined as “ a behavior that person wants to stop,but can’t”.

This makes sense for substances for which people do not have a natural craving for, such as heroin or alcohol- we weren’t born wailing for either. We don’t desire either until there has been some level of exposure to both.
Heroin is criminalized and alcohol has an age limit attached to it.

Men are naturally attracted to women by adolescence. Watching pornography and masturbating to it is a normal way in our society to satisfy those cravings when one is not mature enough to make responsible decisions about sex.

I masturbated to magazines, pictures and short clips back in the day wherever I could find them and I have no regrets or shame about that. It would be hypocritical of me to call for a ban on pornography.

However, technology has given teens access unrestricted streaming pornography. Whereas years ago, porn had to be paid for, searched for or risked, now every teen has a mobile device connected to the internet and can view pornography to their hearts content.

Except for the little fact, that this behavior of watching pornography triggers the release of dopamine. Over and over again, teens crave this rush, and with no restrictions in place to curtail their viewing, with no laws in place by adults to deter viewing, with parents who are ashamed to talk to their families about sex, with media that promotes highly sexualized content without educating on natural sex, young people today are finding themselves unable to stop viewing pornography.

The consequence are high and being swept under the rug:

High rates of erectile dysfunction in adolescent males

Brains of young men who watch porn on a daily basis respond to cues the exact same way a drug addicts brain responds to hard drugs

There are numerous other studies to support the damaging effects of modern internet pornography on adolescents, particularly males.

I’m not anti-pornography, but its high time some serious changes are made in the way pornography is served up on the internet.

If you’ve been trying to quit porn for years- whether you watch it once a month, or a couple of times a month, the reality is that if you are UNABLE to quit, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.

Quit Porn In 30 Days is the 30 day course that guides you through the basics of giving up pornography.

Let go of the guilt, shame and lack of productivity that come from watching pornography to excess.

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  • Sterling

    Never thought about the unrealistic expectations that the media places in the mind of women with this perfect husband that has tons of friends, loves to entertain, cranks out lots of doe with little to no effort, while simultaneously having nothing but free tie to tend to her needs. Well said!! As far as porn legislation goes this is the same blue pill bullshit of say one than and do another. Its reminds me of a preacher crusading against the evils of homosexuality until he’s discovered shacked up in a motel with another guy wearing bondage gear and big red ball in his mouth! Haha!

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