How To Overcome Approach Anxiety (Part 3)

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In part 1, we discussed the basics of anxiety, and why it affects us

In part 2, we discussed the patterns of anxiety and things to avoid when trying to beat your approach anxiety

Today, we’re going to discuss emotional responses to anxiety.

You’re going to come across some patterns that you can identify with in this article. I’ll also give you a simple exercise at the end that will help you figure out which patterns you use the most.

There are four main responses to anxiety that every man engages in.

1) Rationalization:

Rationalization or intellectualizing is a process wherein guys give an excuse in order to avoid anxiety. Here are a few examples:

“ That guy she is talking to is probably her boyfriend”


“ She’s on her phone right now.”

“ I’ll wait till she’s facing my direction- I shouldn’t approach a woman from behind.”

“ She looks upset/ mad- now is not a good time to bother her”

Some of us, as men are magicians and super powerful detectives. Like Sherlock Holmes, we can detect a womans emotional situation, and use our highly developed deductive skills to determine the best time to approach. Of course, this is all bullshit. I was very guilty of this.


2) Blame:

This emotional response is most used with sweeping sterotypes in an attempt to avoid taking responsibility for anxiety. Examples:

“ All blonde girls are stuck up and bitchy.”

“ Girls from XXX city are very rude.”

“_______ types of girls are only interested in______ guys”

“ If I was wearing_____I’d go talk to her.”

You get the idea. All of these are excuses which hold you back. Some of them may have some truth to them- but the are not good enough reasons to hold you back from approaching. All of theme conveniently cushion your anxiety.

3) Avoidance:

This is one of the most bullshit responses of all. This happens typically when a guy who expresses serious interest in meeting women goes out , but acts nonchalant about his interest in attractive women at avoid having to approach them.. Here are some examples:

“I’m just out to have a fun night with my friends, not meet women.”

“ I’ll get a drink first, then we’ll talk to some girls.”

“ None of the girls are are cute, anyway-I’d approach them if they were hot.”

4) Projection:

Projection occurs when a man moves the focus of his problem( himself) to some other person or group. Examples:

“ Asian girls are not into black guys”

“ White girls are not into Asian guys- its bs, man!”

Here’s an exercise for you:

Write down every excuse you ever remember for not approaching a woman.

When you are done, go down the list and identify the emotional response you have to approach anxiety.


Overcoming Approach Anxiety, is one the ONE thing that can truly flip the reality of any man. The self confidence and happiness that come from knowing you can approach any woman anywhere at literally anytime can barely be expressed in words.

Personally, overcoming approach anxiety helped me let go of ALOT  of the sexual shame, low self esteem and lack of confidence that had plagued my life.

Imagine for a moment, going through life with ZERO hesitation or fear when it comes to approaching attractive women. Its fucking amazing.

There aren’t many options out there for men of different ages and cultures who want to overcome their anxiety. It took me years and hundreds of approaches (and rejections) to figure out how anxiety worked and learn how to “hack” it.

I always wished there was a step by step method of overcoming my anxiety -something that could take me from “I can’t even make eye contact with a pretty girl.” to “OMG, is she really cool with coming back to my place to chill…in the DAYTIME!?

So, I said – “fuck it” and created my own interactive course.

Its simply called the Approach Anxiety Program and any man who graduates from it will be capable of doing three simple things:

1) Have an incredibly better control of his anxiety

2) Feel entitled and worthy of having attractive women in his life

3) Approach any woman under any circumstance without fear or hesitation.

I test every single course I release for its effectiveness. The program is complete and  I will be filmed completing all the exercises over the summer.

In the meantime,I would like to release the program at a reduced rate to a small, exclusive group of men to test over the summer.

There are limited spots for the beta test. If you would like to be among the first to experience the end of your approach anxiety over the next few weeks, click the link, watch the video and sign up below!

sign up


*This course is free to everyone who is signed up to the Fearless Dating Course for Recovering Porn Users. You will receive automatic access in your membership are once the course launches.

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