Why Millennial Men are Failing

Men threatened

Over the past few years, it has become abundantly clear that young men are facing a serious crises. There is a serious attack on men in our society and not enough men are standing up to take control of their lives.

More men than ever before are underachieving, and addicted to pornography and videogames.
An incredible number of men are still living with their parents well into their 20’s and 30’s. Many who are not living with their parents are still dependent on them financially.

In contrast, more women than ever are surpassing men academically and financially.

Traditionally, as a man, you were either a soldier, a breadwinner/provider for your family or a monk/priest. Today there is a huge push to redefine masculinity for men. Everything that mad men “MEN” is being eroded. Aggressiveness is taboo, testosterone is a bad word, traditionally male spaces are opening up to women, boys are becoming increasingly feminized.We have stay at home dads, 30 year old adolescents cosplaying at comic con and beards becoming a fashion statement. Beards you say? Yes- beards. Beards usually become fashionable when masculinity is under threat.
As the psychologist Robert Pellegrini said: “the male beard communicates an heroic image of the independent, sturdy, and resourceful pioneer, ready, willing and able to do manly things”
Men are seeing more and more women dominate in the workforce, take on male roles and finally, not require a man for any thing. Sometimes in the face of this takeover, with no clear path, its much easier to just grow a beard and call yourself a man.

the male beard communicates an heroic image of the independent, sturdy, and resourceful pioneer, ready, willing and able to do manly things

Men who are stay at home dads for instance get little or no respect from other men and I don’t feel sorry for them. No woman is interested in dating a man who makes less than her and even if she does marry such a man, he would never freely admit in the company of other men that he is a stay at home dad.

Porn and video games are our virtual escape routes. Since we can’t build our skills as warriors on the battlefield or at different skilled trades, we instead level up on World of Warcraft and become League of Legend professionals. Our online game skills have become our status symbols.

Here are a few of the problems facing men who spend most of their free time playing video games and watching porn:
-social anxiety
-violent tendencies
-academic failure

A kid that is exposed to video games for 6 hours a day will never find school interesting. How can his formal education compete with that level to stimulation. To add insult to injury, young boys learn differently from girls and the current educational format does not give boys a digestable education.
Instead, they get an ADHD diagnosis.

If you are a grown man and you’ve self diagnosed yourself with ADHD, try this:

-Disable all social media for 30 days
-Don’t read the news for 30 Days
-If your work/school require internet use, limit checking your emails to once a day.
-Disable data on your phone- for 30 days
– Practice Deep Work- sitting your ass down for 2hours intervals everyday to do a specific task without interruption- no checking your phone, no day dreaming, just intense focus.

It makes sense, though. Porn and video games offer some things which most guys are not getting in their real life:

1) Instant Rewards:

With porn you get to see the exact sort of women that turns you one, the exact scene and you get to orgasm whenever you desire. With video games you gain access to a world where you can immediately life an adventurous life that was only available to your ancestors in their wildest dreams.

2) Clear Goals:

With pornography the goal is to find the most stimulating scene that will get you off in the most satisfactory way.

3) Less Risks and Consequences:

There’s no risk of dying or getting hurt when you get shot or stabbed, or fall off a cliff in a videogame. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about STDs, or rejection from real flesh and blood women when you masturbate to online porn.

4) More Excitement:

Sadly, for many men, video games are infinitely more exciting than their current lives and their hours at their “masturbation station” are more stimulating than sex in real life. Sadly, for the porn users- porn REALLY becomes more exciting than real sex as time goes by.

5) No Fear of Rejection:

Why worry about meeting an attractive woman in real life when you have thousands a mere mouse click away? Cam girls will never reject you as long as you pay them, so why even bother?

To truly understand exactly why millennial men are failing in life, we have to look at three very important issues:


Lack of a male presence in early life:

Any community that allows a large number of boys to grow up in broken homes, not build stable relationships with male authority figures, dominated by women and never gives them a clear cut route to the future will ultimately be destroyed.

Not having a father robs a young man of some important traits which a feminized society or women in his life will teach him instead. Some common symptoms of men who grew up without a father are:

Lack of decisiveness:

Indecision is a feminine trait. More and more men are joining the “IDK club”
Inability to dominate in the bedroom: Most men have been brainwashed to believe that women just want you to “make love” to them all the time. Men fear rough sex because they have been dominated by their mothers who have taught them that women should be treated with respect. While this is true, they don’t realize that this behavior does not carry over to the bedroom.
Lack of passion for their lifes work: Passion in this case simply means learning to love the work that you are doing right NOW. Young men have been fed the belief that they should “do what they love” and “follow their passion”, which are both shortcuts to mediocrity and poverty. Many fathers have to work to make a living and support their families. My father did not wake up in the morning to “follow his passion”. He was thankful he had a job he was skilled at and delivered value to a large group of people.
Fathers teach boys to follow their skills, not their passions.

Pornography is another logistical problem:

Young men now have access to a stupendous amount of pornography. When you watch too much porn, your sex life begins to mirror your porn life. You believe that a good sex life means lots of sex with low quality/trashy women. You desire to have sex with promicuous women, increases, as does your supplicating behavior. You’ll do anything for sex including spending your money on undeserving women, jump through hoops for them and shower strange women with compliments. The thirsty behavior of guys on social media is evidence for this.


Social awkwardness:

I’ve seen a growing number of guy who are opting out of social engagements for one simple reason: they are socially awkward. Modern technology has made face to face communication more and more difficult. Men today spend so much time communicating online that the simply don’t know HOW to interact with others- especially women- in social situations.
Reading body language and verbal cues has become next to impossible for them and when they struggle with it too much, they end up retreating back to their online world.


We can get everything with the click of a mousepad today. A date, food delivered, a car at our door step, an t shirts in our mail box, a new video game on our hard drive, a newly release movie- everything is available to us NOW. As a result, men have been trained to react to their urges immediately.
You feel horny? Watch porn and masturbate
Feeling bored? Play video games for 7 hours
Feeling Hungry? Order pizza, or swing by the nearest fast food restaurant


Society today has succeeded in putting womens needs first. Young men grow up seeing this is every part of their world:


There are rarely any positive role models of TV for kids. Think of the shows you grew up with- Everybody loves Raymond, Homer Simpson, King of Queens, Married with Kids. All a bunch of inept fools masquerading as men.
Gender roles have been DELIBERATELY confused and this makes young men apprehensive about demonstrating their masculinity. Men fear being labelled as “aggressive” or “overbearing” towards women.

Legal System:

The legals system is the most obvious proof that boys grow up in a society rigged against men. Men only receive custody of their children in 10% of divorce cases in the United States,leaving their children to be raised primarily by women.
Men still pay exhorbitant alimony payments despite the fact that the woman at the other end of the divorce maybe fully capable of working and earning an equal wage.

Masculinity banned:

There is a concerted effort to minimize and in many cases, completely eradicate masculinity from all facets of society.
Whenever masculinity is brought up prominently, it has been roundly denounced as “hate speech”. Recess is now cut in schools – boys and girls do not get a chance to go out and develop their masculinity and femininity among themselves.
This leaves a boy with only two places to learn about masculinity: the movies and his mother.


The food you eat, the water your drink and personal care products that young men put into their bodies decrease testosterone and cause serious increases in estrogen.Here are a few ways your testosterone is being eroded.

-Refined Carbohydrates

Processed carbohydrates make up a huge portion of our modern diet. Past, cereal, milk and burgers among other things lead to chronic elevation in insulin secretion from the pancreas. Increased insulin disrupts the hormone cycle in your body, which suppresses testosterone production.

-Hormones in Meat

Hormones are used in the beef, dairy and pron industry. Unless your meat is grass fed- you are most likely consuming hormones which disrupt your testosterone production.


Stress raise cortisol levels while suppressing your central hormone pathways. What does this mean?  It means that testosterone secretion is suppressed. Studies show that stress blocks testosterone in your body.


-Estrogen contaminated water

Estrogens which primarily come from pharmaceuticals containing synthetic estrogens have been measured in high quantities in municipal water supplies if they can induce sex changes and population drops in various species of fish, imagine what they can do to your body? Solution? Filter your tap water and drink bottled water. For the absolute cleanest drinking water, invest in a reverse osmosis system.

Domestic Abuse Against Men

Whereas women have numerous safety nets to turn to if they become victims of domestic abuse, men have virtually none, despite the fact that domestic abuse against men is a huge and growing problem. In the UK for example, 44 per cent of domestic abuse victims are male, while more married men suffer abuse at the hands of their spouse than married women. While domestic abuse against women is constantly highlighted by the mass media, domestic abuse against men is a complete non-issue.



I leave you with a recent video which illustrates the reason why Millennial men are failing. This is a corporate drive to get more women into STEM fields. This is a great idea, but what would happen if a video was made encouraging more young boys to quit the porn, chill out on the video games and get into STEM fields? Where are the corporate drives encouraging boys be anything?


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  • Steven

    Even though I’m only 16 years old, this strikes a massive chord with me. I may have aspergers, but that’s never really been my issue. I’ve always felt alienated from women, as if no matter what I say I’d always come off as a creep or just don’t know what to say in general. Thanks to something like nofap all that is changing however. I can’t really help but see stuff like this going on everywhere. Thanks for this Chris, we need more people like you.

    • You are welcome, Steven. It takes time and practice to build up the social skills, experience and confidence to communicate effectively with women.Stay off the porn and keep working on improving yourself- its great that you’re so aware at 16.

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