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This is a guest post by Sonny of

In 2011, I quit porn in one shot. The exact date was December 1, 2011.

That was when I first researched how porn was bad for you and how it had become an addiction for many young men. I mostly looked at Your Brain on Porn.

It was during that time when I began to study the art of sexual transmutation and also learned of the benefits of no-fap.

That first time around I went 15 days without busting a nut. During that time period, I was focused on my studies and was just trying to get to the end of the semester.

On day 16, I finally caved in and railed out a cute Sophomore I had met during Finals Week.

Early 2012 could be characterized as a time period of incredible personal motivation.

Accomplishment was the operative word. In every aspect of my life, accomplishment was at the forefront.

In May, I was set to graduate from college. In doing so, I was going to become the first (and only) member of my family to earn a college degree.

My family and I were very excited this.

On top of that, by the end of January, I had set my sights on getting in to the best shape of my life by May (for post-exams beach week).

That’s where this story begins.

One Cut Per Year

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2012 was the first year I decided to have one time period where I go all out and try to get as shredded as possible.

On my site, I have written a multiple part series detailing my experiences for both 2014 and 2015.

2012 was my most strict prep. All my meals were exact. And I only had junk food on my scheduled cheat days.

I also used clenbuterol to get shredded.

But towards the tail end of my prep, I was hitting a wall both mentally and physically.

The combination of super high volume training and a super strict diet with spaced out cheat days was too much.

Mentally, I felt like I was losing it.

Physically, I was burning too much.

When I look back on it, I went a little overboard and lost some weight that I didn’t need to lose.

The main point is that I needed a boost. I needed a new discipline from within to help me push through those last few weeks of training.

I had always been aware of that rumor that boxers would often “save up” for an extended period of time before fights in order to conserve there energy.

So I decided to give it a shot. I told myself that I would cut myself off from chicks until I made it to post-exams beach week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

I said goodbye to the chicks I was seeing. That meant no sex. And no masturbation…



Sonny’s Journey to 39 Days

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I was able to go 39 days without busting a nut because I focused all of my efforts elsewhere.

I was driven by accomplishment.

I buried myself in my studies. I wanted to do the best job possible on my last few exams and papers.

I was about to be the first college graduate in my family. I did not want to leave anything to chance.

I also obsessed over the gym. I was in the gym three times a day.

I did an hour of early morning cardio on an empty stomach. I lifted weights in the afternoon. I did another half an hour of cardio before bed.

That process was automatic for me five days a week. On the weekends, I just did cardio. I was a machine.

That’s not to say I was not tested. Temptation was everywhere.

Chicks were hitting me up with those late night “wyd” texts.

People were hitting me up to party.

My friends had chicks with friends and needed me to wing them.


I was also meeting chicks throughout my daily routine.

Opportunity was everywhere!!!!

But in a way, I saw myself as being on an important mission. That mission was accomplishment.

Come May 10, 2012 I will have accomplished 3 things:

1) I will be finished with college. All I had to do was wait until May 21st to walk across stage and get my degree.

2) I will be in the best shape of my life.

3) I will have exercised a discipline most men can never touch. I will have 39 days of “stuff” saved up.

I kept that on my mind and used it as fuel. I visualized myself at that point.

I also began reading again. In order to keep my mind clean, I read Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead.

That book was a fucking brick. I took it with me everywhere.

I read it while I did my cardio on the elliptical. I also read it during breakfast and right before I went to bed.

It was a challenging read that really changed my perceptions of the world.

The Results


I finally made it to Myrtle Beach on May 10th. Everything I had visualized had come true.

I felt on top of the world.

I told myself that now I could let loose and have fun.

My first night partying I met a hot chick from Virginia Tech. The first time I bust a nut with her was incredible. I actually passed out for a couple of minutes.

But I quickly recovered and went at it all night with her.

The rest of the trip was a blast. I partied with all of my friends from college and even made some new friends. I also did pretty good with the ladies. In 5 days, I hit 8 chicks.

To this day, I still look back on that time period as a source of inspiration.

Anytime I see myself not being as disciplined as I should (in any area of life), I tell myself: “Hey remember where you were 4 years ago. Remember that raw drive and discipline. You’ve done it before… Get focused!”

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