How many women have I had sex with?



Today, I’m going to come clean with you on a few numbers.

I write a whole lot about overcoming porn use and dating.

In fact, reader once asked if I was trying to become the “Tony Robbins of quitting porn” -lol !

Its only fair that you should know more about my dating life, sexual history and dark past with porn. After all, I took it upon myself to address yours.

For those of you that email me to ask how many women I have slept with, I’m going to tell you right now.

I overcame my addiction to online pornography and chronic masturbation just over 7 years ago.

I should also mention that during the time I was addicted to pornography, I acted out.I paid escorts for sex and attempted acting out in many different ways.

You name it-I’ve done it. I’ve yet to have any guy email me who acted out in a manner that I hadn’t. Thinking about some of the things I did when I was hooked on porn makes me wonder : ” Damn Chris…was that really you??”

Since overcoming my porn addiction and working on my game, I have had sex with 127 women (February 2016).

Over 70 of the women I have had sex with been overwhelmingly from direct approaches either at bars, clubs or from meeting women in the daytime. The rest have been from a combination of online dating and dating apps.

Prior to that, I had been with only 3 women. I lost my virginity at the age of 21. I am 30 years old now.

The longest time it has ever taken me to have sex with a woman is 3 days (2 dates).

The reason I’m sharing all of this with you is very simple: if you are addicted to porn, have issues compulsively viewing porn, masturbating or acting out, it is absolutely possible to completely quit and have an above average sex life.


You can pick up the pieces of you shattered pride, self esteem and belief. You can put together a stronger, more resilient, larger than life persona with unbreakable self belief and unbelievable courage.

This isn’t some “ you can become the greatest woman-slayer ever” rah-rah talk.

Its about your masculinity, your dreams and desires as a man that have been stunted by porn.

I used to be scared of talking to women. I used to come home from the bar beating myself up for not approaching any woman and masturbate furiously for hours.

When I made some money, it was having sex with escorts. I was really in the dumps.

I fell so damn low, I had to look up to see the freaking bottom.

Again- it is possible.

Fuck all the people who say “ If you were addicted to porn, its a slippery slope to sex addiction.”

That is black and white thinking in action. Porn Addiction or even a bad porn habit is not a life sentence.

Its just that no one has told you otherwise.

Did you suck your thumb as a kid? For how long?

Are you sucking your thumb now?


Its that simple. Simple but not easy.

I’m going to show you how I did it. I’m going to show you how I went from being a grown ass man absolutely scared of talking to a woman at the mall to having multiple women in my rotation.

I don’t watch porn. I don’t masturbate. I don’t patronize escort services. I know every single one of my triggers and I control them consciously.

These days, the only time I touch by penis for extended periods of time is to exercise it via jelqing or a penis pump.(Yes- I use a penis pump).

I know how absolutely fucking hard it is to quit. My “real” sex life began after I gave up porn completely. I haven’t hit my peak- and neither have you!

Just because you struggle with porn doesn’t mean your dating life is dead. That is why a week from today, I’m excited to announce that I will be releasing a one of a kind course called The Fearless Dating Course for Recovering Porn Users.

This in-depth, instructive multiple module video course is designed specifically for guys who struggle with porn use.

Achieving a remarkable dating life is not an easy undertaking and its even more challenging when you are hooked on porn.

The course will take you from the root of your beliefs about sex and women all the way to building a predictable and controllable sexual lifestyle- all while addressing your very real struggle with porn.

To receive exclusive updates about the course throughout the week, click on the link below.

The Fearless Dating Course for Recovering Porn Users

Over the next few day, I’ll be sharing a few more details about the course.


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    Did jelqing help you to gain some inches?

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