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5 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Sex Drive and Enhance Masculinity

  Guest Post By David de las Morenas of for Quick Bio: David de las Morenas is a bestselling author, personal trainer, and the founder of, a popular website for men who want to build muscle and get confident.

What is Fearless Dating for the Masculine Man?

I got a bunch of questions about the new Fearless Dating Course for the Masculine Man, so I wanted to answer them here before I release the course this weekend. It will be available for enrollment till Friday at 11:59PM Central, and then closed. Yes. For only a few days. You know why?

What is Sexual Shame?

  In the decade that I struggled with porn addiction, getting over sexual shame was the final hurdle standing in my way. Many men and women are affected by sexual shame. Yes, even in liberal Western countries, we are seeped in sexual shame. Women in college campuses all over America are programmed to cry “rape” […]

How many women have I had sex with?

  Today, I’m going to come clean with you on a few numbers. I write a whole lot about overcoming porn use and dating. In fact, reader once asked if I was trying to become the “Tony Robbins of quitting porn” -lol !

The Inexperienced Mans Guide to First Dates

  I detest first dates. Honestly. I was brainwashed by Hollywood and society to think that first dates involved a guy wining and dining a woman, spending money on her and eventually, if she liked you enough, she might have sex with you…but probably not on the first date.

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