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I remember a time when there wasn’t a single woman who would cross my path that wasn’t a victim to my sexualization.

I literally thought about sex ALL THE TIME.

You may be experiencing that yourself right now.

The sad part was that I didn’t have a problem with that until my thoughts started getting slightly deviant. We’ll rarely admit it- even on anonymous forums, but our sexual thoughts can quickly get really fucked up.

Now that I’m recovered and have accumulated years of real and fulfilling sexual experience with a variety of women, I can honestly say that it feels amazing to be in a place where I can look at an attractive woman, and choose not to have any sexual attraction to her.

There is a certain amount of peace that comes from prioritizing different thing in your life, having standards in your sexual preference and being able to demonstrate control over desires that once ran your life.

Remember, in life we are either masters or slaves to our minds.

So far, we’ve talked about Quitting the Porn Roller Coaster and How To Control Sexual Arousal.

Today, my friends, I’m going to teach you how to stop having obsessive thoughts all the damn time.

Some would say- “Just stop watching porn” and you’ll stop being obsessive.

Easier said than done. MUCH easier said than done.

Imagine having in your hand a strand of thread. On its own, this strand of thread is quite easy to break. The more strands you add, the more challenging breaking the threads becomes.
Add ten more strands and it becomes very challenging to break the bunch.

Your brain works in a similar way when you focus intently on something. In this case the strands of threads are nerve cell “members” that work together more an more as “teams”, increasing the power of their relationship with your thoughts and behaviors.

When you choose to consistently focus on an image, behavior or thought, the nerve connections in that location of the brain start working together more and more. As time goes on, the “strands” or recruited “team members” become harder and harder to break apart.

Basically, your efforts to stop watching porn and engaging in detrimental sexual behaviors become less effective against your brain.

The interesting thing is that these changes to your brain start out as temporary.

Your brain has an amazing ability to:
1) Record an experience
2) Evaluate the experience at a later time-frame
3) Make a decision as to whether to file the experience away permanently or not.

It does this by releasing chemicals (neurotransmitters) as soon as it decides whether an experience will have a positive or negative outcome. Your brain permanently stores this experience WHETHER IT IS POSITIVE OR NOT. It is only interested in NEW and NOVEL experiences.

Consequences be damned.

So when you think sexual thoughts long enough, you flip the switch allowing your brain to release these chemicals which make your temporary experiences permanent records in your brain.These permanent records are also known as your neural pathways.

The human brain is a powerful tool.

Brain scans have shown that the same parts of the brain are activated in ACTION and IMAGINATION. The brain, basically does not know the difference between something you are thinking about obsessively and something you are actually doing. That is why visualization is so powerful.

Sadly, watching a ton porn will not make you a better lover. It may make you a better porn-star, though. I’d love to see a study on that.

To prove this point, imagine going to a restaurant to order your favorite dish. You’ve been thinking of it all day. After a long wait, you finally have it sitting right infront of you in all its juicy and delicious glory. The waiter asks you if you need anything else, but you are damn sure the only thing you need at this point is to get some of this mouth watering deliciousness onto your taste buds.

If you noticed your mouth watering in anticipation, you have just demonstrated the principle that what your mind obsessively dwells on, your body will eventually act on.

So is it possible to change a neural pathway or permanent record?

Yes. But its quite challenging.

Actually, scratch that. Its very fucking challenging.

You’ve added strand upon strand till your pathway looks like the rope of a Cruise liners anchor.Building a new rope is obviously not going to be a walk in the park.

However, a good way to begin is to create a “road-block” for a while you build a new neural pathway.

Quit Porn In 30 Days is a practical road-block you can use.

I’ll introduce you to a few more tools you can use to create “road blocks”.

Key Point:

Obsessive sexual thoughts are a CHOICE. Choosing to focus on such thoughts will lead to acting out your thoughts.

Here we are.

The shit, as they say, has hit the fan.

You’ve build a rope that looks like a cruise liners anchor should be hanging off it in your brain.

What do you do now?

Well you have a few choices:

1) Rationalize that the problem “isn’t that bad” (Leave this blog now.)
2) Continue watching porn and thinking sexual thoughts all the time and hope it doesn’t get worse(Leave and don’t come back.)
3) Think about the consequence of your choices.(Keep reading,player.)

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.

Doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

We all know this, yet its so hard to stop.

Maybe you have a fear of failure which has kept you from doing what you need to do?

Are you discouraged from so many unsuccessful attempts at stopping?

Are you living in denial?

Do you just enjoy the effects of your obsessive sexual thoughts and porn use and are simply not ready to give it up?

Before I give you access to the tools to build the road blocks you can use to block off your obsessive neural pathways, I want you to understand 4 CRUCIAL things:

1)You MUST believe that these tools will change your live and move you towards overcoming porn use and sexually obsessive thoughts.

2)You become MORE POWERFUL simply by CHOOSING to use the tools

3) You MUST use these skill for the rest of you life.
4) You must DECIDE to use the different behaviors you have learned on this site, consistently to conquer your porn use and sexually obsessive thoughts.

If you have understood all of these, you may download your toolkit here:

Please be aware- this is a very comprehensive toolkit-print it out and make full use of it!

Click here to download your toolkit.

So, you’ve got a bunch of tools that if applied, will teach you how to stop obsessing over sexual thoughts.

Now what?

Don’t Procrastinate.

Don’t  fall back on the cycle of inaction.

QuitPornGetGirls has everything you need to quit your porn use and sexually compulsive behaviors today.

If you still have problems taking action- whether its with simply downloading the printing the toolkit or making a commitment to quit porn, I’ve put together a program just for YOU.

Its called The Habit of Now and its a book that will get you to take action on your goals TODAY.

Click on the “Add To Cart”  button below to pick up a copy.Final

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