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Your Porn First Aid Kit

    Lets face it- no matter how hard you try, some days, you’re hit with a porn craving so hard you just know that you’re going to give into it. Human beings have a tendency to always try and willpower their way through tough habits and even addiction- knowing fully well that willpower is […]

Why Men Should Give Up Porn : Advice from 10 Red Pill Bloggers

      I am delighted to introduce this collaborative post from some of my favorite red pill bloggers. A lot of you guys who visit QuitPornGetGirls are looking to gain control over your porn use. Today, I’m adding a few different voices to the site. While they do have slightly varying opinions, they all […]

How To Stop Thinking Obsessive Sexual Thoughts

  Photo Credit: Shutterstock   I remember a time when there wasn’t a single woman who would cross my path that wasn’t a victim to my sexualization. I literally thought about sex ALL THE TIME. You may be experiencing that yourself right now.

How To Control Your Arousal

    Last week, we spoke about “Quitting The Porn Rollercoaster”. Today, I’m going to talk more about controlling arousal.

Quitting the Porn Rollercoaster

What your mind obsessively dwells on, your body will eventually act upon Remember your first  roller coaster ride? Remember the “clank, clank, clank” sound as the roller coaster climbed slowly higher and higher toward the peak of the rails… remember the trepidation you felt when you realized how high it was actually going.

The Best Damn Guide To Dating White Women for Asian Men

Photo Credit: Shutterstock This article is not intended to be a race baiting post. It will come across as harsh, but my intentions are to help.There is no politically correct pandering in this post. Just the straight up truth based on observation and experience. There are a ton of generalization in here and that fine […]

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