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Energy Vampires ¬†are people who suck at you till you are drained of energy, comfort, time, peace of mind, relaxation and money. There’s no stake, special weapon or concoction that can get rid of them. The only way to defend yourself against an Energy Vampire is to keep them out of your life, or if they have already infiltrated your life, keep them out.

If you lie with dogs, you’ll catch fleas.

It doesn’t matter how good your intentions are, or what you’ve done right, if you roll with the wrong people, you are guaranteed to fail. There’s no two ways about it. Associating with Energy Vampires is a way to advertise to the world where exactly you stand on the totem-pole of life.

An Energy Vampire could come in the form of your mother, your lover, your best friend, a co-worker, your boss or business partner. It gets very difficult to excise them from your life because we have a very human tendency/weakness to make an exception or give a person the benefit of doubt. Of course, the long term cost of this exception is NEVER worth it.

We often find ourselves using the phrase ” I know, I know..but she’s got good intentions.”

Whats the fuck are “good intentions” ?

I know what “pissed off” means. I know what “stressed” means. I know what “pain in the ass” means.

Not really sure what “good intentions” means, though.

Does this mean that you should allow someone to drain you of happiness and peace because they mean well?

Energy Vampires never change. I made a huge mistake recently when I chose to continue associating with an individual who for years I had watched backstab and run over business partners ruthlessly and unethically. I broke off my association with him, assuming that one day, my turn would come if I continued to do business with him.

He went all out to convince me that the previous partners were unethical and deserved what they had coming for them. He spent several months recruiting me back as a partner and I eventually relented.

You can guess how the story ends: I ended up being screwed in exactly the same manner as all his previous business partners. Not only did he run me over, but he outdid himself in the level of ruthlessness and pure lack of integrity he had previously employed on his past partners.

This experience is probably not new to any of use. Some of us have enrolled in “Screwed Over 101” class several times in our lives. Energy Vampires never change.

To help you identify Energy Vampires in your life, I’ve outlined a few of the species I’ve come across in my life.

The Self Centered Vampire:

Discourteous, rude and full of excuses, the Self-Centered Vampire has no regard for your time.


-Always late

-Never returns phone calls

-Has no problem interrupting conversations

-Tells you she will call back and never does

– Forever apologizing

Favorite Excuse: “I’ve been so busy!”/”I haven’t had time.”


The Sadistic Vampire:

The Sadistic Vampire basically enjoys seeing you beg and writh in pain- even for something he owes you! The Sadistic Vampire counts on wearing you out so that he can have his way. Have you ever lent someone something and had them give you every reason under the sun why they cannot return it to you when you need it?

No interaction is a straight line with a Sadistic Vampire.

I college, I lived with a roommate who owed me three months worth of rent that I had paid for him. Even when he had the money to pay me back, he literally made me beg for it till the last cent.

The Sadistic Vampire’s character never changes.


The Big Talking Vampire:

The Big Talking Vampire has two characteristics:

  1. They get crazy excited over anything you tell them
  2. They always drone on and on about some great new “opportunity” or “deal” they’re involved in.

Unfortunately, all this big talk usually leads to nothing  because the Big Talking Vampire is delusional about his life. He/She loves the sound of their own voice, but never follows through with anything of substance.


The Negative Vampire:

The Negative Vampire has only one objective: To tear down your self confidence and let you know with 100% conviction that you will fail at whatever you are trying. You don’t have to look far to find a Negative Vampire.

If you ever share your frustrations or struggles with a Negative Vampire, you’re screwed because they will tell you all your problem, magnify them and imply that they are absolutely perfect.


-Perpetually Unhappy

-Always willing to tell you whats wrong with you

-Will do anything to get you psychologically dependent on them

-Is a self-appointed expert on…anything


The Delusional Vampire

The Delusional Vampire is as the name implies, absolutely out of touch with reality. He or She may hold a respectable position in society, but their self-delusions, can completely ruin you if you associate with them.


-Delusions are expressed very confidently.Stated as fact.

-Usually predict unfortunate scenarios occurring

-Frequently religious


The Desperate Vampire:

The Desperate Vampire is one who has lost the balance of his mind. They usually get thrown off easily by roadblocks in their path, panic easily and resort to using whatever means necessary to achieve their ends.


-Nothing to lose

-Willing to try anything

-Usually makes bad decisions

-Willing to compromise morals to achieve goals


The Lying Vampire:

This Vampire will ALWAYS deceive, lie, steal or cheat-compulsively. While its so tempting to overlook their behavior- the truth is that it never, ever changes.

Keeping in short and sweet- keep this Vampire out of your life.


The point of this post is simply to encourage you to avoid Energy Vampires at all costs. Remove them from your life if necessary. If your spouse is an Energy Vampire- reevaluate your relationship.If your parents are Energy Vampires, find a way to see them less often. I believe most of us owe our parents a debt for raising us, however, the price for tolerating negative behavior is loss of time, comfort, money and peace of mind to name a few. Additionally, your mind will be full of negativity.

If you are trying to overcome pornography or learn how to attract women, your association with Energy Vampires will seriously undermine all your actions and everything you’ve worked to achieve.

Why do Energy Vampires act the way they do?


A player is a player, a liar is a liar and a vampire is a vampire. Its what they are supposed to do.

If you suspect that YOU might be an Energy Vampire, I recommend seeking professional help in the form of a coach or therapist.

What are some of your experiences with Energy Vampires?

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