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How To Deal With The Shame of Using Porn-Part 2

  In my previous post, we talked about the different factors to lead to shame with regards to our porn use. Today, I outline some powerful ways you can begin to eliminate and keep shame out of your life.

How To Deal With The Shame of Using Porn (Part 1)

  So, you’ve just masturbated some porn so vile that you swear you’ll never do it again. You feel terrible for what you’ve done and the 17GB of porn you’ve collected over the years feels more like carrying 170 pounds of guilt on your shoulders.

How To Get Rid of Energy Vampires

    Energy Vampires  are people who suck at you till you are drained of energy, comfort, time, peace of mind, relaxation and money. There’s no stake, special weapon or concoction that can get rid of them. The only way to defend yourself against an Energy Vampire is to keep them out of your life, […]

10 Biggest Mistakes Men Make When Trying To Quit Porn

  Quitting porn is a rough road. Triggers are at every turn waiting to sabotage you. Relapsing threatens your self esteem and belief in yourself. Sometimes the struggle is just so long and arduous that the easiest thing to do is just quit trying and live as a chronic porn user.

How To Choose The Right Woman

When it comes to getting a girlfriend, I believe men should aspire to the highest possible standards. Either the best or nothing else. The type of women you find most attractive and nothing less. No settling.

60 Ways To Cope With Your Porn Addiction

  Porn Addiction sucks. Here are 60 ways to cope with it, and eventually overcome it. Download the PDF version here

4 Self Destructive Behaviors That Keep You Stuck On Porn

  To overcome porn addiction, there needs to be an emotional change. A paradigm shift in the way we live our lives. Porn addiction changes you brain and as a result, your entire emotional makeup is altered for the worse. I’ve outlined the top four self destructive behaviors that lead to multiple relapses, loss of […]

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