How To Introduce Sexuality into Your Interactions With Women (Video)


We are men. We are sexual. There’s nothing wrong with that. You should only be ashamed of your sexuality if you’re trying to suppress it. Otherwise, be sexual. In fact when it comes to women that you are attracted to, be overtly sexual. Remember if you aren’t sexual with a woman, then it’s unlikely that she will be sexual with you.

If just reading that paragraph made you nervous, relax. I’ve got some quality pointers that are going to help you out today. The first thing that you need to know is that women don’t have a problem with men being sexual. Women are drawn to men that express their sexual intent.

The first thing that can happen is you can fall into the friend zone or be labeled a “nice guy”. You’ve probably heard this poorly phrased as women like bad boys. You see, nice guys rarely have the guts to initiate a sexual interaction. The classic bad boy is all about it and women love it. Come on, you remember that woman that you wooed for five dates. You bought her flowers and dinner and you never progressed past a kiss. You still haven’t gotten over how she went home with that guy that picked her up at the club the first night.

You see, when you don’t introduce sexuality she thinks you want a relationship and all the trappings that go along with it. She’s qualifying you as a potential long term partner, that’s a long term process. That guy that she took home the first night she only qualified him as a good time, that’s a short term process. You can certainly go from good time to boyfriend, but it’s nearly impossible to go from boyfriend wanna-be to a good time.

The next thing that can happen and this frequently occurs with amateur seducers is that you can become the entertainer. You’re the fun guy but she doesn’t want to sleep with you. The entire time you thought you were running game and being fun you neglected to introduce the element of sexuality. Suddenly, you find she’s treating you like her fun cousin visiting from out of town. That’s a fail.

Your goal has to be when you are speaking with a woman that you are attracted to is to communicate to her on some level that you are a threat to her chastity. She needs to know on some level that if she’s alone in a room with you, that she’s in danger of going to pound town.

Oh and by the way, it’s extremely important to introduce your sexuality without being creepy. Women love sexual men, but they hate lecherous men. The line that separates those distinctions is oftentimes razor thin. You’ll need to work on your social calibration to pull it off effectively. The easiest and least threatening was to introduce sexuality is with good old fashioned humor and a smile. A smile makes most people feel comfortable. Humor can make any statement feel comfortable. Blend the two for the best effect.

For a more detailed breakdown of the best techniques to introduce sexuality check out the video and hit me up with any questions or comments.

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