Consistency In Game (Video)

Hey guys, it’s your buddy Kino here to pimp the benefits of having consistency in your game. Now consistency as it relates to game can mean many things. Therefore, I want to clarify.

The consistency I’m referring to is the type of material and methodology that you use. I’ve have seen so many aspiring seducers struggle for extended periods of time because they are constantly changing their style and method of approaching women. This is nearly always a recipe for disaster.

The idea of reaching any destination while you haphazardly alter course seems like a ludicrous idea. If I asked you to drive to a destination an hour away under the condition that you change course every ten minutes, you would think I was crazy. I’m guessing you would probably tell to me screw off. Yet, I have seen so many aspiring seducers fall victim to this trap because every time they discover a new approach to meeting women, they want to try it out.

This approach doesn’t work with any other walk of life, why would it work with meeting and attracting women?

Think about it, if you’ve ever witnessed anyone performing at the peak of their craft, whether it’s sport, entertainment, or business you can assume they got that way be repeatedly performing the same actions.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t leave room for growth. If meeting and attracting women is an art, I’d liken it to painting. Like any good artist, you’ll start with a rough approximation of what you want and you’ll continuously refine the details until you’ve created your masterpiece.

When you find a style that feels natural and comfortable, stick with it. I get it, you may not be having success and you think the style is to blame. More than likely the problem isn’t the attraction style, it’s your lack of ability to execute the style in question. The age old question about attracting women is which is the best approach, Indirect, Direct, Indirect- Direct (The Bombshell Method)? The answer is they are all the best approach. The question is who is delivering the material?

I am going to recommend you work with a style that comes naturally to you. I am a guy people take pretty seriously. It only makes sense that my style of attracting women is geared toward meaningful conversations, because that’s who I am.

I learned the hard way that your choice style and material should reflect who you really are. I failed miserably, trying to learn styles that weren’t congruent with my natural persona. Save yourself lots of time a grief by understanding that the idea isn’t to learn these techniques to become an entirely different person. The idea is to get better by honing the natural talents and skills that you already have.

While style is one major component that needs consistency in game, the other is material. Create or find material that gives you results and stick with it. It’s simple, the more you use any material the better you become. If you really want to shorten your learning curve find the material that works best for you and use it as many times as you can.

If you talk to ten different women, using ten different openers can you really determine the efficacy of any of those openers? The answer is of course not, because your data sample is too low.

If you talk to a woman that’s having a bad day, and she crushes your “opener” you might think it was your material that failed. In this case, correlation does not prove causation. On the other hand if you use one opener ten times you will have a basis to start understanding its social value. I only say a basis because of course you have to factor in your relative skill level. How can you know which is actually the problem, until you’ve thoroughly tested the material?

The journey to becoming skilled with women is often times a long and arduous journey with plenty of pitfalls along the path. From the experience of someone who has walked that path, you can make the journey a lot easier if you find your path of least resistance and pave it with bricks of consistency.


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