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The video  below is by QuitPornGetGirls official dating coach- Kino Suave.

Definition of Game: The ability and mindset to become good with the opposite sex—to become attractive, both inside and out.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, Kino Suave is a renowned professional dating/attraction coach based out of Albuquerque New Mexico who has spent several years coaching clients. I’ve personally seen him in action over the years and he’s a terrific coach.

He will be running the  QuitPornGetGirls: Foundation of Game series for the next few weeks which aims at giving men in the QuitPornGetGirls community a very clear understanding of Game and how you can develop it in a healthy way while working on your porn addiction.

A good portion of men in the QuitPornGetGirls community who are working on quitting pornography are also striving to improve their relationships with women.

I frequently hear references to different pickup artists and methodologies.  While I truly believe it doesn’t matter what you decide to learn or from whom(just pick on and stick with it), I am concerned that many of these pickup teachings are not the best for men dealing with porn addiction and bad porn habits.

Many of the symptoms of porn addiction are just not conducive to learning game- depression, low self esteem and erectile dysfunction are not overcome by Game. In fact, the potential to further complicate your situation is extremely high.

In addiction to regressing your progress on quitting porn, a lot of the teachings out there put you in a socially awkward position. Approaching women takes balls.It also takes above average socialization skills.

There’s a socially calibrated way of going about it that allows women to be receptive to you and there’s the “Pickup Creeper” way that leaves you stressed, increases your rejection and sabotages your self image. Men who break the norm and approach women on a consistent basis will eventually be labelled as a “creepy” or made to feel guilty about “harassment” – that’s just part of the game.

Creepy guys get laid, “pickup creepers” ruin the night for everyone.

While, QuitPornGetGirls has a good amount of Game and attraction related material, it hasn’t really been condensed into a system specifically for men who consume a lot of porn or men who are still facing roadblocks in their social interactions.

Kino Suave cuts through all the pickup bullshit and gets straight to the basics of  mindset, attraction, confidence, social skills and relationship management. Every Monday for the next few weeks, you can expect a new video from Kino, complete with actual in field footage introducing and training you on different concepts.

Your feedback is appreciated and Kino will personally answer all questions in the comment section below.

Remember- no masturbation allowed here- especially mental masturbation. Take the information, apply it this week, and leave you feedback in the comments.

The difference between the men who benefit from the resources on  and those that don’t can be summed up in one word: ACTION.

Here’s the video:

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