Why I Refuse to be Wussified


This article is a guest post by Kino Suave- The Gentleman Chauvinist

There are two things I can guarantee you. When I leave this life, I will leave it still being black and still being a man. I make no apologies or concessions for either. I am thankful for both of these blessings actually. Now no one experts me to deny being black. And though some might say I challenge their expectations of what they thing being black means (That’s another topic, don’t get me started.), no one experts me to fundamentally alter myself to meet some ridiculous flavor of the month political correctness.

Which of course leads me to the point of this article, I’m a man. I’m not going to try and fit some politically correct ideal put forth by wussy men and feminists. I’m not a Neanderthal. I’m not some letch, either. I am however the result of millions of years of evolution dammit and I’m not ashamed to be what I am.

I saw a YouTube video recently where a woman with a ridiculous body walked in skin tight clothes walked around New York City for ten hours. The video was titled “Street Harassment”. Now there were some clear incidents of harassment in this video. Two of the guys followed the woman in a rather creepy fashion. A few of the men blurted out profane things. Those, the great minority are the exception, not the rule.

The vast majority of this so called harassment involved this provocatively dressed woman being called, beautiful, pretty, and gorgeous. OMG, how dare they call her beautiful!!! Feminists, unite against this injustice!!! Are you freaking kidding me? How many men do you think she walked by in the span of 10 hours? I’m guessing she likely passed tens of thousands of men during that time and she was spoken to only about 100 times. I’d also like to mention it looks like she was the hood, she was wearing skin tight clothes, and she has dimensions that you just don’t see every day. This experiment was set up for maximum effect and she only ran across a handful of creepers. Am I the only one that gets the joke here?


The truth is I would have very likely engaged this woman, certainly, not in any disrespectful fashion. I might have smiled and said hello. Perhaps I would have asked her where the nearest coffee shop was located. Did I just harass this woman, um…I think not? I would have just been doing what men have been doing since the beginning of time. I would have seen a pretty face, which denotes a healthy genetic lineage. I would have seen a healthy head of hair which denoted a healthy diet and physical condition. I would have seen a strong hip to waist ratio indicating that she would be capable of bearing healthy children. Also her ample backside would suggest she would be less likely to have children bearing birth defects. Now of course I wouldn’t have processed all that information consciously. I don’t have to; my subconscious had been programmed over millennia to do that for me. My brain would have determined in a nanosecond that she was attractive.

Have you ever had to decide if you found someone attractive? No, from somewhere deep in your reptilian brain that’s done for you. Did you have to make a conscious decision to decide if you were a butt man or a breast man? Did any of you ladies need to decide if you were more attracted to arms, chest, or abs? I’m guessing that didn’t happen. It didn’t happen because it didn’t need to.

As part of being a man there are certain things I won’t apologize for. If a woman walks by, without forethought or intent my eyes will automatically check out her ass. It’s not a decision, it’s an instinct. If I see a cleavage, or particularly large breasts my eyes will find them. Is it because I’m a pig or somehow a sexual predator at heart? No, as a human male it is encoded in my DNA that I will evaluate every human female of a certain age for sexual compatibility. I am no more at fault than the woman, near her ovulation period, whose breasts swell, skin becomes suppler, and voice pitch becomes higher so that she signals her readiness for conception.

Also, here’s the really funny thing. Women are not attracted to wussy men. The same forces of evolution that drive men drive women too. A study was done recently and found that women were more attracted to men they saw as capable providers, unless they were nearing ovulation. The closer they were to ovulating the more they like men based upon height and physical build. Coincidently this is also the period of time where women are more likely to cheat on their men. You can’t blame a woman for bettering her children’s odds at winning the genetic lottery. It’s just nature, after all.

Also, I’d like to point out women need to have a pow-wow and figure out what the rules are. If you get dressed up and go to a club and ask a man to buy you a drink, didn’t you just use your sexuality to exploit his nature? Oh that’s too obvious, how about when you got a flat and that nice gentlemen changed it for you, same thing. Or how about all those countless times some guy has picked up your dinner tab? Is it acceptable to exploit a man’s sexual nature if it’s beneficial to you?

Let me assure you men out there. If you start making some serious coin, women will throw themselves at you. Why, because women are attracted to men that can provide. It’s in their DNA. A recent survey was done where women were asked to judge the attractiveness of random males on a scale of 1 to 10. The scientists added low paying jobs and unimpressive job titles to the men that were deemed above average in attractiveness. They also and added high paying jobs and impressive sounding job titles to the men deemed below average in attractiveness. The average rating change was 3.5 points.


Are these women somehow wrong? They are gauging men on their ability to provide and support offspring and give them the best chance for survival. Guess what, they are doing what comes naturally to them. It’s literally hard wired into their DNA. When a woman says to you, nice car, nice watch, nice place, you are being judged according to what she is programmed to find attractive. On the flipside, when you are judging a woman and thinking nice butt, nice breast, nice legs etc you are doing exactly what a man is programmed to do. How could we as humans, judge humans for doing what comes naturally?

It is encoded in my DNA, and hardwired into my primal brain to find a mate that bears the physical traits that tells me she is capable and physically ready to bear me healthy children. How dare you judge me for saying “Hi, beautiful” to her on the street on the off chance that she likes what I have to offer? For all we know, she could be my future wife. Don’t judge me. I am a man doing exactly what I am designed to do. I will not apologize for it. Efff you, I will not be wussified.

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  • jessecdebaca

    That video was such a joke. It’s NYC for gawds sake, EVERYBODY gets harassed there! On top of that the chick hired a marketing firm, a MARKETING FIRM!!! (Rob Bliss Creative). Being in marketing myself, I can tell you that everything is pre-planned and edited for hours and hours to show the point you want viewers to see.

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