Why I Can F**k Your Girlfriend


Today’s guest poster is Kino Suave, The Gentleman Chauvinist

You probably clicked this article because you’re thinking. No way buddy, you can’t touch my girlfriend. Well if there is anything that five plus years of being a professional seducer has taught me is that if I want to fuck your girlfriend the odds are in my favor. Women are complicated creatures. They are sexual. They are innocent. They are forgiving. They are vengeful. What she appears to be to you, she might be something completely different to someone else.

I hate to go off on a tangent but I must. I knew a woman that was very sexually conservative with her husband, but was an all-star freak in the sheets with an ex-boyfriend. When I asked her why? She told me because her husband always viewed her as such a good girl that she couldn’t destroy the image that he had of her. She said, “He would lose his mind if he ever knew I swallowed. Actually, to be honest I loved it.

I know another woman that has been happily married for several years. Her husband isn’t allowed any backdoor action. Guess what, some of her former lovers were allowed back there. When I asked her why her husband wasn’t allowed, she told me “He isn’t man enough to take it. He isn’t aggressive enough to get me excited about it.”

Are you surprised by this? Frankly, I’m not. These women are at home with men they undoubtedly love. Maybe that’s enough to keep her faithful. Then again, maybe she’s longing for a manly pounding. The first reason I can fuck your girlfriend is because you’re doing a lousy job at it. Are you keeping her intrigued? Are you turning her on? Is it boring, predictable, and routine for the both of you? Let me assure you, some guy out there thinks your old boring girlfriend is a hot piece of ass. I’m going to suggest that you keep on your toes.

shutterstock_118527178                                                                                                                                                                 Neglect her and its over.

Another reason I can fuck your girlfriend is simple emotional stimulation. You see, getting a woman to cheat for physical reason is certainly possible. But let’s face it, a woman getting sex is like a fish getting a drink of water. It’s easy, plentiful, and accessible 24/7. It’s true, she might just want to get laid, that does happen. More than likely though, she is feeling neglected. You don’t pay her any attention. She’s just a piece of furniture around the house these days. You talk about work, groceries, bills, and then stare into the television for the rest of the evening before you fall asleep for another night devoid of sex and passion.

Here’s the good news. This type of woman isn’t going to be easily baited for a quick night of sex. If a guy approaches her from that angle, she’s likely going to shoot him down. Don’t get comfortable though. You see while she isn’t looking to sleep around, if she meets the right man that pushes the right buttons and stimulates those long dead emotions. You’re in big trouble. These women are desperately in need of feeling something. They desperately need to feel alive and feminine again. For a seducer like me this is easy pickings. Her mind isn’t initially thinking about sex, it’s just feeling the excitement. It all starts innocently enough but before she knows it, she’s naked as a jay bird getting pounded silly.

shutterstock_angry_woman_by_danil_nevsky_149618984_2                                                                                                                                                             A woman scorned… need I say more?

Oh and there’s another type of woman. This is could be any woman. Good girl, bad girl, conservative, wild child, and everything in between. She’s a woman scorned. She caught you cheating. She might find the first attractive male and give him your goodies. Otherwise, she might just grow to loathe you slowly over time. However, when the time comes that she wants revenge, she going to have it at all costs. I don’t even have to explain to you why I’m a yard deep in your woman. You know why. In the words of Dave Dameshek “Don’t get angry at me. Ultimately, I didn’t do this you. You did this to you,”

I hate to place blame on the victim here. But women think that way, if they cheat on you, it’s your fault. You neglected, bored, ignored, or cheated her onto the penis of another man. There is however one major exception to this rule. She’s Ms. Thrill-Seeker.

I met a Ms. Thrill-Seeker some years ago. In the course of our conversation she told me that she had a boyfriend. When our conversation became sexual with she admitted that she had never been faithful to any of her boyfriends. When I asked why not, she told me that she was young and didn’t want to pass up any experiences just yet.

Actually, come to think of it that would be your fault too. If I figured out in thirty minutes this woman had never been faithful in ANY relationship. Why didn’t her boyfriend figure out that she wasn’t girlfriend material? I say unless you’re completely unaware, or you sincerely believe she has turned her life around there is no good excuse to try and turn a pro into a housewife. I’m exciting, charming, and a tad dangerous. I can definitely fuck this girl.

shutterstock_26863573_0                                                       Dear God…please don’t let her be cheating on me

So how does a guy like you, keep a guy like me out of your woman? Be a fucking man. I don’t mean a male human being with some chest hair. I mean man the fuck up. Be the type of man that women crave. Be man enough to listen to her but don’t be a spineless wussy. Be man enough to treat her with respect, yet pound her like you paid for it. Don’t be argumentative for the sake of being argumentative or overbearing but be man enough to put her in her place when she needs it. Be man enough to attract other women but smart enough not to put yourself in a compromising position. Don’t be jealous, emotional, petty, or insecure. There is only one woman allowed per relationship, make sure it’s her and not you.

Being a confident, secure, man goes a long way towards keeping your woman faithful. However, the most important factor is the woman herself. I’m telling you a good woman can be lead astray. Good is a subjective term relevant to a moment in time. A woman with strong values however is another situation all together. A woman that has respect for her intimacy isn’t likely to want to give it to a relative stranger in any situation. A woman with strong relationship values isn’t likely to betray the sanctity of a relationship even if you don’t personally deserve it. Consider yourself fortunate, lucky, or smart to find the caliber of woman that will respect the institution of your bond even if she doesn’t currently respect you.

Finally, I offer a caveat. I wouldn’t fuck your girlfriend. I believe a man of choice doesn’t need another man’s woman. There are always more women for a man of choice. I simply don’t need to compromise my values to get your girl. That being said, if you have a woman I consider rare and remarkable and we all know you’re a class A douchebag; beware because I just might. And she’ll love it. Consider yourself warned.

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