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Today’s guest poster is Kino Suave, The Gentleman Chauvinist

Congratulations, a woman is at your place. You sexy stud muffin, all of that work learning seduction is about to pay off. All of that practice, all of the reading has led you to the threshold of paradise. You give yourself a giddy pat on the back thinking of how smoothly you opened. All that teasing, flirting, and building her attraction has led you to this beautiful moment. Here she is, back at your house, apartment, crib, pad, abode, or whatever it is that you call it.

Now is she going to be comfortable? Let’s face it, you’re probably strange enough. You were certainly charming and clever enough to get her to your place in the first place, but she really doesn’t know you very well. To some extent she’s still forming her opinion of you.

First of all, you definitely want her to form a positive opinion of your place and by extension furthering her positive opinion of you. Secondly, from a strategic stand point your place can be a tool to help you accomplish your mission.

Now before anyone gets all worked up about not having some amazing place to bounce women back to, I have good news. The good news is you can have a killer bachelor pad on a budget.

Here are some basic principles to spruce up your casa. Let’s consider the aesthetics first.

Style Tip 1: Keep it Clean


The first thing she’ll notice about your place is, is it clean? Not only is it the first thing but it’s also the most important thing. Guys are little more than hairless apes, women are delicate creatures made of sugar, spice and everything nice. It’s very unlikely she’s going to let you play in her sugar or spice if she’s worried about the catching flesh eating bacteria from the combination of pizza boxes and dirty socks piled up on your couch. Nor is she going to feel comfortable eating in disgusting kitchen with mold growing on the dishes. She’s likely not going to want to drink anything in that environment either. The less comfortable she is, the less likely you are to close the deal buddy.

Style Tip 2: Pick a Theme and or Color Palette


Some guys have tons of money to buy the coolest gear, if you’re that guy, good for you. Fortunately, if you’re not that guy you can compete. The idea is to show your style and creativity through the pieces that you choose. It might be time to put away the comic con memorabilia if you’re looking to bed sophisticated women. Though, if you’re looking to bag gamer chick, go for it.

Otherwise, if you find yourself somewhere in the middle pick a solid cohesive theme that reflects who you are as an individual. My personal theme was Architecture. I had paintings of skyscrapers, an Eiffel Tower clock, a limited edition photo plate of the Golden Gate Bridge and a wall size Brooklyn Bridge poster in addition to several other accent pieces that kept to the theme. Even thought my apartment wasn’t in and of itself amazing, women were always very impressed.

Women are very intuitive creatures and they draw many clues about a man in the way he presents himself. Your place is a huge clue as to what type of guy you are.

Obviously aesthetics is a huge factor but there is a bit of strategy to consider as well.

Strategy Tip 1: Set the Mood


We have covered cleanliness and we have covered style. That’s only half the battle. Your place should be comfortable and it should be inviting. It’s your responsibility to be prepared with a few basics.

Music is definitely number one. Have your music player on the ready as soon as possible. Music makes people feel comfortable and you can turn on instant party mode or seduction mode at the press of a button.

Alcohol is a close second. You were just at the club having a great time. The club had music and booze so your job is to keep the party going at your place. A few choice bottles, some beers and everything will work out just fine. If you happen to have some sick bartending skills then go with a more elaborate set up and show off your skills.

Food is next on our list. Lack of food can derail your night so fast your head will spin. What does every group of drunken women have in the group? There is always a hungry chick. Coincidentaly, she without fail is always the drunkest, loudest, and most obnoxious. She will insist on being taken for breakfast and will suck up two hours of your life, while everyone becomes tired and you’re trying to not to lose your mind.

Instead of letting Hungry Sally be your worst enemy, make her your best friend. “I have the best (eggrolls, nachos, rolled tacos) at my place, Hungry Sally you’re going to love these things.” Her mission to acquire food just led her and her hot friends back to your place.

Strategy Tip 2: Condoms, Condoms, Condoms


You should have condoms stashed everywhere. How many wanna-be seducers have failed because they had to run to the other side of the place to grab a condom? Women as you know are state driven creatures. When it comes to sexual intercourse oftentimes her mental state is volatile at best. Maybe she really wants to sleep with you, but then again she doesn’t want to seem easy. While you’re touching and kissing and she’s hot and bothered she’s only going to be thinking about her amorous desires. That’s good. As soon as you skip off to wherever your condom stash is, she’s considering numerous other things. That’s bad.

Some guys are aware of how bad a state break can be and will decide not to risk losing the moment. The basically decide to forgo the condom. I don’t even need to begin to explain the potential negatives of this decision, but you are all aware you can end up with way more than a piece of tail.

So what’s a clever and responsible seducer to do? It’s simple, stash condoms everywhere, under the edge of your bed, between your couch cushions, under your lamps, anywhere that is in arms reach of where you might end up with a naked woman.

So, now you have an idea of how to set up your bachelor pad and factor in your guest, your image, and a closing strategy in mind.

Here’s my video which puts it all together:

What questions do you have about setting up your bachelor pad?

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