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Why I Can F**k Your Girlfriend

Today’s guest poster is Kino Suave, The Gentleman Chauvinist You probably clicked this article because you’re thinking. No way buddy, you can’t touch my girlfriend. Well if there is anything that five plus years of being a professional seducer has taught me is that if I want to fuck your girlfriend the odds are in […]

The Top 10 Mistakes Men Make In Relationships

I’m well aware that not every man out there is interested in hooking up with women off Tinder, having random one night stands and maintaining multiple relationships. Some men just want a great relationship with an awesome woman. Its hard enough these days, especially in the Western world to find a woman that is worth […]

Bachelor Pad 101

Today’s guest poster is Kino Suave, The Gentleman Chauvinist Congratulations, a woman is at your place. You sexy stud muffin, all of that work learning seduction is about to pay off. All of that practice, all of the reading has led you to the threshold of paradise. You give yourself a giddy pat on the […]

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