3 Reasons Why False Rape Accusations Are Lies






I remember the exact moment I gave up on college. It was right after reading those words on the notice board of the English Literature building. I was fresh out of jail and the words of the detective were still echoing in my head:


I know you did it you son of a bitch. Someone saw you that night.”  The detective had been grilling me for the better half of the day, trying to extract a confession. Trying to get me to confess that I had raped a freshman at a college house party.


I spent the night of my 21st birthday in jail for a crime I did not commit. Actually, I spend the night of my 21st birthday in jail for a crime that did not exist.


I had been accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a party during the weekend. Long story short, I was out two weeks later. It turns out, that she had a few drinks and proceeded to have sex with two men in the backyard of the house. Both men asserted that it was a consensual incident and many others at the party  that night support their claim. The next morning, her friends somehow found out and word got around quickly. She was apparently shamed into claiming that she was raped.


She proceeded to piece together  the description of her alleged rapists( with the help of her girl friends) and within days, five men, myself included matching the description of her “rapist” were picked up, detained for over a week and threatened with prison time unless we confessed.


Unfortunately for her, the entire incident had been captured on video. With insufficient evidence, video and a damning line to witnesses to testify against her, I was released and she disappeared. She was never charged .


My college promptly held a kangaroo court session and  tried to have all five of us expelled despite our vindication, but we raised enough money to hire a lawyer and sue their  silly little student government appointed council into submission.

Nevertheless, our reputations on campus were destroyed, and none of those men will easily forget the agonizing days spent wondering if we would be free or spending the next eight to eleven years of our life in prison.


Eight to Eleven Years, sucker!

First off, for the men reading this who are concerned about falling victim to a false rape accusation, I highly recommend Mike at dangerandplay.com for his great advice on how to avoid a false rape accusation.


Secondly, I will never again believe any rape accusation until there is a conviction and a confession. More importantly, no one should believe ANY woman who appears on the media claiming to be raped for the following reasons:


1) Attention seeking behavior:



Approaching the media before approaching the police makes no sense. “She was traumatized.” “You have no idea what its like for the victims of rape, Chris.” “Its total disempowerment.” “Its the last thing any rape victim thinks of.” . Fair enough- I’m sure there are my factors that contribute to a rape victim not approaching the authorities including shame, but why you would you approach the media? So that hundreds of thousands of people can now be aware that you were raped?

If there truly is a rapist on campus, he should be charged and locked up away from the rest of society. Your silence did nothing but put thousands of other women at risk. Irresponsibility and attention seeking behavior. From personal experience, I can say that the majority of false rape accusations on college campuses are instigated by:

i) Friends and acquaintances of the “victim” who disapproved of the man who had sex with her, were jealous of her, or had a grudge against him and took advantage of the “victims” confusion to get back at him.

ii) The “victim” herself in response to giving up her vagina to a man and not having him reciprocate with what she desired( a relationship, continued access to sex with a desirable male, or a career boost))


2) The Power of Hysteria :


In psychiatry, hysteria was defined as “a psychological disorder (not now regarded as a single definite condition) whose symptoms include conversion of psychological stress into physical symptoms (somatization), selective amnesia, shallow volatile emotions, and overdramatic or attention-seeking behavior. The term has a controversial history as it was formerly regarded as a disease specific to women.”

Its time time for psychiatrists to start dishing out prescriptions, because female hysteria is alive and well.

The current slew of rape accusations is a clear indication of hysteria- a modern day witchhunt. Its no wonder that the moment one woman accused Bill Cosby of rape, many more showed up with their own versions of similar incidents. When some of these women were questioned as to why they stayed silent for so long, their main excuse was that compared to them, Cosby was a powerful celebrity and their word would never stand against his.

Had these women suddenly gained courage since the floodgates of “empowerment” have been opened through the accusations of one woman? Doubtful. They live in litigious society where the word of a woman is worth more than the word of a man. It would therefore make sense that the word of multiple women would overshadow that of a man.

Women are learning that if they want to hurt a man or skirt responsibility for their bad decisions, false rape accusations are the way to go.

 3) Social Pressure:

images (1)

Women do live under a lot of pressure- especially the pressure to be themselves without being labelled as promiscuous. This pressure leads women to react differently(to most men, illogically) when it comes to sex , their reputation and consent.

Living in a world where their parents encouraged them to be virtuous, feminism taught them that they aren’t sluts for having multiple uncommitted sexual partners, and society, the media and popular culture celebrate debauchery and hedonism, it must be tough to wake up several weeks into their freshman year in the bed of a man in college after a crazy night of sex, molly and binge drinking.

The fact that she woke up confused and groggy doesn’t mean that she was raped, though. It means that she was irresponsible. That can be a really tough pill to swallow, after all, she didn’t steer herself into that situation. She wasn’t pulled off a trail while she was jogging in the evening and raped, nor did she show up at a frat house, chug copious amount of alcohol and makeout with some senior she thought was cute.

Of course, the media will be sympathetic to her plight since this is the trending flavor of the year. Its also a great opportunity for her to get validation and attention since this is a significant step up from Instagram and Snapchat.


3) Lack of proof:



No individual accused by the media of a false rape accusation prior to the accuser reporting to the relevant authorities has even been charged with the crime. There is no complicated reason for this -its simply because every single one of those media publicized cases were lies.

Hopefully, thanks to all the high profile false rape allegations,women who approach the media with their claims will now be subjected to more scrutiny. Left to me, I’d have each and every woman who approaches the media with a rape accusation prior to the police sent to a mandatory psychiatric evaluation.


College campuses and the police already review these accusations with a pinch of salt. As I was enduring the humiliation of lifting my balls and spreading my cheeks for the officer who was strip- searching me, he could only offer the the following consolation : “Man, you must have really pissed off the wrong chick.”

Be Happy,


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