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When it comes to getting out of the house and chasing women, lack of motivation can be the biggest problem, right? I bet its the easiest thing in the world to convince yourself that going out to the street, the bar or the mall to meet women is not worth the effort. Its not that you don’t want to- its just that it take a tremendous amount of effort to do so.

To help you solve this problem, I’ve put together this post which will give you a few different ideas which you can implement today. These ideas will give you real, actionable results that will skyrocket your motivation.

First off, lets take a look at how porn affects your sexual motivation.

Internet porn has made it easier than ever to satisfy every sexual fantasy you’ve ever had. An entire generation is being raised with easy access to the most lurid pornography you can imagine. For many teens today, viewing porn is part of their daily routine and eventually becomes a part of their lifestyle.

Its understandable why men all over the world are using spending time that could be used pursuing real women to watch pornography.

*Porn is free (honestly-most people get off on the free stuff)

*The women are all much hotter

*The woman never rejects you

*No strings attached

*No emotions involved

*You can have it whenever you want

*Its more thrilling

Unfortunately, the side effects of these “advantages” are devastating.


Encourages you to masturbate. Alot.: There is nothing realistic about masturbating as a teen. The palm of your, in comparison to a soft, wet vagina ,feels like a rough paved road. Your desperate ,vigorous grip only serves to further desensitize you to real sex. A man in his early twenties who has been masturbating several times a day for a few years is most likely to end up experiencing erectile dysfunction or impotence.

For men, ejaculation leads to temporary reduction in testosterone and other endorphins which promote aggressiveness, and fuel your sex drive. Compulsive porn habits, masturbation and ejaculations destroys your sexual motivation.

Creates unrealistic expectations about sex and women: Real sex is awkward. Porn is never awkward. Real sex involves figuring out what both of you like, positions you both enjoy and most importantly, includes intimacy. Porn is perfect. Porn actresses have no flaws, orgasm on cue , and can have sex for hours without any interruptions. Years of using porn will condition you to only appreciate a perfectly surgically sculpted vagina , face, breast and butt. Its tough to get turned on or motivated to chase a woman who doesn’t live up to pornography’s impossible standards.

So, all things considered, how do you get that sexual motivation back?

1) Masturbate twice a month: Unless you are on a specific program to quit porn, a good way to understand the extent and power of your sexual motivation is to create a masturbation schedule. Hold yourself accountable to the day you pick and never deviate from this. Setting time aside to masturbate once every two weeks will jack up your testosterone levels and make you truly appreciate masturbation as opposed to abusing it.

2)Masturbate smart: While, I have personally opted to permanently stop masturbation, I segued into it gradually. Don’t make masturbation a quick 3 minute activity. Make time for it- 20 minutes a day should be enough. Use a good lube, and enjoy the process. Make masturbation an indulgence.

3) Fantasize better: Stop masturbating to porn. When you masturbate, only choose real women whom you have met in person and want to have sex with but never have. This conditions your mind to aim for women who you realistically have a chance of actually having sex with.(as opposed to porn stars)

4) Visualize more: Most men get stuck in their head whenever they meet an attractive woman. We’re sometimes afraid of making eye contact, let alone speaking to her. Everytime you meet an attractive woman in your day to daily life that you have a strong desire to have sex with, go ahead and imagine having sex with her. Vividly imagine what it would feel like to penetrate her, what she would look like in her lingerie, what her lips would feel like against yours. You’ll get aroused on the spot, which increases your motivation to talk to her.

5) Quit Porn: Completely cut off any access to porn that you may have. Cancel your subscriptions, delete your cookies, install a porn blocker. Get on an affordable 30 day program to guide you through breaking your habit or, if you have crossed the threshold of habit into addiction, as longer addiction recovery program.

The five steps above are absolutely crucial to developing or rediscovering your sexual motivation. They aren’t easy, but the timeline is enough for you to notice considerable improvements. You will relapse a few times, but that’s alright. The payoff is so good that most men who implement this see no reason to go back to pornography. Within a month of practicing, meeting women will be an activity you look forward to everyday. 

Be Happy,


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