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Why You Need To Dream Big

Remember when you first made the big decision to give up porn and make a huge change in your life? That paradigm shift moment when it was “I’m going to beat this or die!” ? For me, that day is so vivid in my memory. I knew I was going to beat my porn addiction.

How To Be Confident With Women

    I’m taking you back to the basics today. Whether you are a nice guy spending his weekends watching porn or a seasoned player with multiple notches, you will benefit from this article. To be honest, I’m not a fan of writing theory,but my inbox is full of messages from guys who are ready […]

3 Reasons Why False Rape Accusations Are Lies

    “ALWAYS BELIEVE THE VICTIM”   I remember the exact moment I gave up on college. It was right after reading those words on the notice board of the English Literature building. I was fresh out of jail and the words of the detective were still echoing in my head:   “ I know […]

Porn Addiction Is Real: My Story

My first experience with porn was from a magazine my nanny masturbated to in front of me when I was 8 years old. I was curious and ashamed to see her do that.I realized it was something taboo and from then onwards, I always sneaked into her room to look at those images. I was […]

You Are Not Your Mistakes

  Photo Credit: Shutterstock “You’re such a loser Chris!”… “I can’t believe I fucking watched that shit.”…. “Oh God…what have I done?”..   The shame. Its horrible. Every man who crossed the line in his porn habit, masturbated to some new fetish to satisfy his craving or acted out his porn induced sexual urges in […]

10 Lies You Tell Yourself About Your Porn Addiction

  Photo credit: Shutterstock For those quietly battling porn addiction,the fight can be brutal . Multiple relapses over the years, the guilt, betrayal of loved ones, the erectile dysfunction…the jump into acting out in real life-its a rough journey, alright! Sometimes, its easier to deal with everything by unconsciously telling ourselves  lies.These lies grow and […]

How to Get Sexually Motivated

Photo Credit: Shutterstock When it comes to getting out of the house and chasing women, lack of motivation can be the biggest problem, right? I bet its the easiest thing in the world to convince yourself that going out to the street, the bar or the mall to meet women is not worth the effort. […]

The Life Cycle of a Modern Long Term Relationship

As a guy who’s hooked up with more girls in “relationships” than I care to admit, I’m always thrilled to receive emails from men who are devastated when they find out their girlfriend “cheated” on them. Don’t get me wrong- I’ve been on the receiving end of infidelity and quite honestly, I’ve conditioned myself to […]

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