How I Cured My Erectile Dysfunction Part II: Diet & Supplements

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Medical Disclaimer: QuitPornGetGirls is not a doctor, or a licensed medical expert. No word, image or suggestion is intended to be taken as professional medical advice . Understand  that  you follow any suggestions or advice here at your own risk( or benefit).


In part I of this guide, we covered how I used Exercise to treat my erectile dysfunction. Too many men are suffering in silence from a problem I would never wish on any man. If younger you are, the more likely  your affliction is porn induced. To make it clear once again- the quickest and most effective cure to porn induced erectile dysfunction is to completely abstain from pornography and masturbation for an extended period of time. It varies for most men, but for most of the men I consult with, 3-4 months is the norm.

However, if your diet sucks, you can abstain as long as you like, but you’ll only end up complicating your ED situation. Its an absolutely horrible experience to cure your ED through drugs, surgery, or some other artificial means and gain the resulting confidence, only to have it smashed to pieces when you go limp again-usually due to some underlying bad habit such as a poor diet.

This might sound harsh, but if you suffer from porn-induced ED, you will never completely cure your ED if you do not take your diet seriously. It will come back to haunt you again. Lets make ED a bad memory, guys- something akin to “Yeah, I once had measles-no biggie.”


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While you are recovering your abilities, its important to improve your nutrition to avoid any other habits that may be contributing to your erectile dysfunction. I went off porn, masturbation and sex for 5 months once, and when I resumed having sex, my ED was even worse! I was tired, confused, frustrated and depressed.

While I was on the right track with abstaining from porn and masturbation to rewire my brain, I was complicating my situation by having a terrible diet, and drinking alot more than I should have on the weekends. Once I fixed my diet and cut drastically cut down on alcohol consumption, my testosterone levels shot through the roof and my ED slowly improved in conjunction with exercise and supplementation.

One of the many consequences of bad nutrition is poor blood circulation and a reduction in testosterone due to lack of certain nutrients and minerals. At the very least, you should be taking a multivitamin that contains Vitamin B3(niacin), a vasodilator which enhances blood flow, calcium, vitamin E , selenium and zinc. I take only Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men supplement which is the most complete mens multivitamin on the market right now. Once your ED is completely cured, it has the added bonus of keeping your libido ridiculously high.

However, a well rounded vitamin is not enough. All men have to be aware of the minerals and nutrients that are most important to their sexual health.

There are 4 main minerals and nutrients that contribute to your sexual health and have the direct effect of enhancing your recovery from ED.

1) Zinc: Zinc is absolutely vital to your sexual health because it increases testosterone and enhances sperm mobility. Personally, zinc has been the most hands down effective and dramatic supplement when it comes to treating my ED and its symptoms. I get my zinc from unprocessed meat , seafood and low fat dairy products and most importantly, supplements. I’ve used only one zinc supplement which I take on a daily basis:




I take 100-150 mg/ day depending on my zinc intake from my diet.

2) Selenium: Selenium is a mineral with antioxidant properties which has been linked to increased testosterone. Selenium is most commonly obtained from Brazil nuts, but is also present in seafood, unprocessed meat and certain grains. I don’t go crazy on the selenium, but I do supplement when I can with Now Foods Selenium.


3) Potassium: Potassium balances the sodium levels in your body, which is important because sodium prevents your blood vessels from constricting. Narrowed blood vessels lead to a spike in blood pressure and consequently, reduced bloodflow to your penis. Potassium is best obtained from bananas, avocado, egg plant, broccoli, and red meat. Its a readily available mineral which you don’t really need to supplement.

4) Omega 3 fatty acids: Fatty acids are critical to circulatory function- increased blood flow to the heart which means a healthier heart. Best obtained from fish, most commonly- tuna, salmon and sardines. If you are not a big seafood fan, fish oil is is very common supplement in most drug stores. I’ve only ever used Nature Made Fish Oil Omega 3

fish oil


Whatever is bad for your heart is particularly bad for your penis. Processed food and fast food impede blood flow to your heart and eventually your penis.  Stick  to whole grains, fruits, vegetables, heart-healthy fats including nuts, fish and olive oil. If you drink alcohol, stick to red wine. Too much alcohol changes the balance of sex hormones, which always negatively affects your testosterone. If you smoke, seriously player-stop. Nicotine contracts and damages your blood vessels, which messes with the flow of blood to your penis.


There is only one medication that I have taken during the during the worst of my  ED, and it is Cialis. I probably used it about 5 times during a year long period to maintain several short term relationships while I focused on more natural methods of curing my ED.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve at least heard of Cialis. Its a drug that increases the blood flow to your erection, which leads to much stronger erections.Its in the same family as Viagra and Levitra- with one main difference. While Viagra and Levitra last up to 8 hours, Cialis lasts up to 36 hours, making it ideal for men with active sexual lives. Cialis is usually prescribed in 10mg doses, though it comes in multiple  dosages, up to 40mg.

Cialis is ideally obtained with a prescription from your doctor, which I recommend. One Cialis pill will run you around $20. However, during my ED days, when porn-induced ED was brushed aside by most medical professionals, I wasn’t entirely  comfortable with visiting a doctor concerning this, or paying the regular price.  I researched and found a legitimate way to gain access to generic Cialis. The generic Cialis retailed at this pharmacy contains Tadalafil the active ingredient in Cialis and had the exact same effect as brand name Cialis.

I recommend a legal online pharmacy where I get my generic supply- complete with a doctors prescription and at a rate of $3/pill ! I’ve been ordering from here for almost two years :

Legal Generic Cialis with a Prescription

Contrary to popular (wrong) belief, Cialis does not increase your libido in anyway. When I take it, I don’t feel anything till I am aroused. My erection is noticably bigger, and much stronger.

There is a possibility, as with any drug that enhances your abilities to become dependent on Cialis for erections. We do not promote that here at QuitPornGetGirls. If you seriously want to get rid of your ED- go natural first, then use medication like Cialis to enhance your sex life.


I still take Cialis on occasion, usually when I am having sex with a girl in my rotation that I want to keep around a little longer, or on on days when I know I will be having sex several times. I’ve been taking generic Cialis on and off for over two years, coupled with a healthy diet and exercise, and have experienced no side effects. Most importantly, it has greatly enhanced my sex life. If you plan on having an abundant and varied healthy sex life, Cialis will definitely come in handy at some point.

There is still research being done on porn induced Erectile Dysfunction, and I advise every man struggling with ED to tackle it headlong starting with Diet, Exercise and finally, supplement with a decent medication. Life is too short to throw away years of your life on ED.

Be Happy,


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