How I Cured My Erectile Dysfunction Part 1

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This is a post that I have hesitated to write for quite a while simply because Erectile Dysfunction (ED), was a problem that I developed only later on -after the peak of my porn use. It completely fucked up my sex life. It took a lot of experimenting to figure out a number of ways to fix it and most of my progress has been quite recent( within the last year) . However, I went beyond “fixing” my ED- I’ve essentially improved my sexual performance to a level I never thought possible.

I can now have sex and orgasm multiple times (usually a three time maximum, depending on how attractive the girl is), I ejaculate more and I maintain my erection till exhaustion. This means that my erection does not stop until I am literally physically unable to get in another stroke.Sometimes, I literally grin as I’m having sex -its almost unfathomable how I got to this point. Trust me, guys- I know I sound like a broken record with this sometimes, but if you have a bad porn habit, addiction and ED- YOU CAN have an above average sex life.A life that many people in society will find very hard to believe I will keep preaching that till I’m in the grave.It takes hard work, commitment, discipline and dedication, but you can make it YOUR REALITY.

This series post will run you through the EXACT methods I used to achieve this. It is a progressive series, which means that you should spend some time developing the discipline of one method before you move to another. Trying to fix everything at once will distract you and hamper your progress.

At QuitPornGetGirls, the goal is not only to overcome your porn addiction and improve your relationships with women, but to reach your sexual and relationship potential. I constantly experiment, study and push to improve my sexual health and performance, as well as my interactions and understanding of women- you should too.

Lets get started.

First of all, my ED was caused by two main things: chronic porn use and work related stress. There are so many different causes of ED such as psychological problems,prostrate cancer, diabetes, alcohol, prescription drugs and more. If you are overly concerned, I suggest consulting a medical professional to get an accurate diagnosis. Keep in mind that sometimes, simple exhaustion can cause ED. Personally, I didn’t need a professional diagnosis. I knew EXACTLY why my dick my limp 50% of the time.

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My ED, became apparent while I was in a long term relationship. Sexual attraction to my girlfriend was practically non existent and my porn use had escalated into acting out porn scenarios in real life. In fact, the only way I could get an erection was by watching porn or acting it out. “Normal” sex with my girlfriend was a chore and definitely not something I looked forward to. You bet I was excited to type in those tube addresses into my browser and settle into a nice long soul- destroying fap session, though!

Erectile dysfunction is a debilitating, self-esteem destroying issue to deal with. Here are a few stats from 2014 that show the impact of porn induced erectile dysfunction.

*54% of sexually active male adolescents (age 16-21) reported sexual problems:
*Erectile Dysfunction: 27%
*Low Desire:24%
*Orgasm Problems: 11%
*In 1948 1% of men aged 19 reported Erectile dysfunction
*In 2012 30% of men aged 19 reported Erectile dysfunction
*The average age of Viagra dependency in 2014 is 32 years old

These are some downright scary statistics. There is a huge problem in our society and men are suffering for it. If you’re a man reading this article, you are probably a part of this statistic and its your responsibility to fix your problem ASAP.

I treated and subsequently cured my ED while maximizing my sexual performance with three things. Listed in order of importance:

1) Exercise
2) Diet
3) Drugs

In my experience and from hearing from guys who frequent QPGG, exercise is the most important aspect of of treating your ED. Its the foundation of a sexual health.I focus on three main exercises- cardiovascular exercise, weight training, with a special focus on squats and kegels. As we age, we tend to gain more body fat, and men who lead a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to suffer ED since the more weight you put on, the slower your metabolism and the less blood flow your body will experience.

The first step is to begin cardio to burn calories and increase the blood flow throughout your body during the day.Having stamina and a strong heart is necessary if you plan on having fulfilling sex. Panting after 40 seconds of stroking is embarrassing.

The next step is to lift weights. Compound Exercises- specifically squats. I’ve always lifted weights, but I have become a squat freak. Squats primarily work out the bulk of the muscles in your body, which are located in your legs. Squats are also the exercise which stimuate the natural production of human growth hormone (HGH) in the body which increases testosterone. Usually, after a heavy leg day, I find myself incredibly aroused for the next few hours- due to the increase blood flow to my pelvic/groin region and the testosterone that has been activated.

Kegels are probably the most effective exercise that you can incorporate into your daily routine that would make a significant impact on your ED recovery. Kegels are contraction exercises that focus on the PC (pubococcygeus muscles) and have pretty much helped me ejaculate more, maintain my erections and most importantly, control my ejaculate which is the first step to achieving multiple orgasms.

How to find your PC muscle:

When you take a leak, stop your stream as you are urinating. The muscles that you used to do this are your PC muscles. You basically flex these muscles to increase their strength. I would highly recommend having a specific technique and a schedule.

My Kegel Technique:

Squeeze the PC muscle 100 times for quick 2 second contractions
Squeeze for 10 sets of 10 seconds.

I also categorize the strength of each contraction into “light”, “medium” and “hard”.

After the first two Kegel exercises, I finish off with contracting my PC muscle as hard as I can for a minute. You can progressively work your way up to more minutes as your PC muscle gets stronger.
I then release the muscle to a “medium” contraction and hold for 1 minute, followed by a “light” contraction for another minute.

This takes about 15- 20 minutes a day. Consistent and daily application of the exercise produces noticable results quickly. I’ve had friends maintain longer erections in as soon as a week.

To get the most out of your kegel exercises, consistency is key. You absolutely have to do them religiously. I had a hard time maintaining the discipline, so during my commute to and from work, I would do kegels at every stop light. This worked perfectly for me, and accelerated my PC muscle development progress.

Stay tuned for Part II, which will cover the next crucial component to curing your Erectile Dysfunction.

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2) Sexual dysfunctions among young men: prevalence and associated factors.”

Be Happy,


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