How To Kill Your Weak Self

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As I continue on my eternal quest of self-improvement, I’ve come to understand that overcoming my pornography addiction was merely one step in a long process of completely overhauling the person I am and replacing all the qualities that previously defined me with qualities that will make me the man that I am destined to be.

If you look at the lives of many great men, the first thing you will notice is that they had to conquer themselves before they achieved their phenomenal successes.

Every moment you destroy an addiction, a strong negative desire, or any weakness in your personality, you have conquered your weak self. When your girl flirts with another man and you are overwhelmed by jealousy and anger, yet you still manage to calm yourself and dissipate the emotion in the moment, you have conquered your weak self. Eradicating your strong desire for porn is merely one aspect of conquering yourself.

Just as you have to beat down and bludgeon your urge to watch porn or masturbate again and again till it lies bloody and submissive at your feet, so do you have to dominate several useless and usually pain inducing aspects of yourself. The main ones affecting men today are listed below.While I am a victim of some, I’ve linked to some books that made these weaknesses my strengths and literally changed my life.

Low Self Esteem
Sexual Obsession

Don’t get me wrong. Each of these listed above can be used as tools to achieve your goal and desires, however, for a lot of men, just as we become slaves to pornography, we also tend to become slaves to one or more of the above. Look at the list again. Which one is trying to get in the drivers seat of your life? You MUST conquer all of them in order to regain full control of your life.

On the other hand, there are nine qualities that you should replace the above with once you overcome them.

Self Reliance

When I first realized that I would have to develop all these qualities to become a complete man, quite frankly, I was disgusted. “Love”, “Humility” and “Compassion” to me were more feminine qualities. I was all about raw, masculine energy and only “Courage”, “Knowledge” and “Self Reliance” appealed to me.

After hitting several walls in my personal growth, I began to realize that the GREATEST men that walked this earth, developed most of these qualities to their highest levels.Men who altered the flow of civilization- the Ghandis, the Martin Luther Kings, the Alexanders, the Nelson Mandelas of history.

While you may have no desire to impact civilization, you owe it to yourself to develop the nine positive qualities- these will bring you the most happiness, contentment , and success.

The nine weaknesses will only bring you never ending drama, conflict and pain.

Be Happy,

Chris Haven

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