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Don’t Let Dogma Hold You Back

Photo Source: Shutterstock   dogma [dawg-muh,dog-] noun,plural dogmas or dogmata an official system of principles or tenets concerning faith, morals, behavior, etc.,as of a church. Synonyms: doctrine, teachings, set of beliefs, philosophy. I grew up in a deeply religious Catholic household. Masturbation was sin. Premarital sex was sin. Hell was a reality etched in my […]

How Social Media Makes You A Little Bitch

  For the man struggling with letting go of porn and getting laid, social media is part of the problem. Quitting porn requires you to stay away from all images and triggers that could jeopardize your progress. Getting girls require you to recondition your beliefs about women, dating, sex and relationships. Social Media actively destroys […]

Why You Are Still A Failure

Photo credit: Shutterstock I receive dozens of emails every week from men who are frustrated with their current life situation. They are exhausted with trying over and over again to quit their porn addiction, fix their relationship issues, start a business, or just get laid. Most of the men who struggle with this have one […]

How To Be A Content Man

  Photo Credit: Shutterstock Show me a man dealing with compulsive porn use, and I will show you a man who is severely lacking in some significant part of his life. As you deal with your porn addiction and work on your relationships with women, its important to identify the areas in your life that […]

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