How to Attract Women Through Honesty


Listen guys, many men who are great with women- the ones dating the hotties, banging a different girl every other weekend, having several girls on rotation on their iphones ran through a long gauntlet of PAIN and SUFFERING to obtain their current status.They had to learn it the hard way and often in the trenches. In my experience, most men addicted to pornography never had the BALLS to go out into the real world and go after the women they truly desire. Hey, I was there once-I’ve masturbated to more real life women that I was too much of a pussy to approach than I care to remember- and so have you. At one point in my twenties, sitting in front of my masturbation station in my college dorm,  with a crusty ball of kleenex in my hand, after a long night of standing along the dancefloor of the nightclub like a little bitch for 3 hours, I decided that I was going to get good at attracting and having sex with real women. The women I desired and I wanted to fuck. I had no interest in relationships, or “soul mates” or “finding the one”. I just wanted to bend over Brittany, the hot poptart with the lean tan legs,from the track team who barely noticed my miserable existence.

Men, if you dont want to end up as a 59 year old creeper, wishing he had more sex when he was 22, NOW is the time to take action and fix you inability to attract women once and for all. In my case, I was subscribed to several pickup artist blogs which ran bootcamps focusing on teaching men how to approach women and even get laid. Being in their prime demographic- an insecure, limp dicked, porn addicted and horny twenty something, I fell for their scheme and shelled out $2000 for a weekend bootcamp in New York. If you want to learn more about pickup community, many other bloggers have covered it. I spend the next 3-4 years going from bootcamp to bootcamp. I went out to bars EVERY WEEKEND for 3 1/2 years. While other students were studying for finals, I was out bar hopping talking to as many women as I could.While my skills in approaching and attracting women increased, and I got laid  occasionally, it was all built on a foundation of low self esteem and psychological trickery. Basically, I was not happy with the man I had become, the few women I was hooking up with were not really attractive to me and I was still jacking off daily.

Everything changed about 5 years ago when I stumbled upon the work of blogger Mark Manson.This website would probably not exist if I did not run across his material. I signed up for his “bootcamp” which turned out to be the last bootcamp I ever needed to attend.He also watched pornography, had a history of sucking with women, but overcame it within a few years through a tremendous drive to succeed and alot of time spent in bars and nightclubs . There were no “routines”, funny stories or gimmicks-just rediscovering the basics of masculinity you missed earlier in life, understanding attraction ,creating a great lifestyle and becoming an attractive man.  I studied and applied everything he taught and it went a long way in changing my life with women. I went from having sex with 6 women the year before to having sex with 22 women the next year. My relationships with women become more honest and vulnerable-as a result, I walked away from all these sexual encounters without any guilt or shame.

There are 5 things every man who wishes to have more sex, more amazing relationships and become supremely attractive needs to learn:

1) Understand how female attraction works

2) Develop a simple and effective dating strategy

3) Build an attractive and enjoyable lifestyle

4) Develop courage and become a man of action

5) Master the above 4

Thankfully, he compiled everything into a book,which I regard as one of the best damn books on dating for men.Every man should have a copy of this book on his smart phone, kindle or bookshelf.I’ve read it cover to cover, been out with the man and watched him apply it and I still read it about three times a year to keep my bitch tendencies at bay.I’m very picky when it comes to recommending other peoples materials on QuitPornGetGirls, because there’s alot of bullshit peddled these days, but this literally changed my life.


It will save you a whole bunch of time, tears, kleenex, hard drive space and money.This book is the ultimate authority on dating.

My final grade on this book is an A+.

P.S- You can download a copy of Models here.

You can also enroll in his two online courses if you REALLY want to fix your life.

Connection Program

Fearless Dating Program

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