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Congratulations you sly dog. You have played you cards right. The time you have been waiting for since you first saw her pretty face smiling at you is close at hand. It’s go time pal. Here she is in your place, in your bed, things are heating up, and bam!!….it’s over, she’s going home. What in the hell just happened?
How did you just get screwed? Oops, I mean not screwed.

There is a pretty good chance you were just beat by that phenomenon known as Last Minute Resistance. Before, you can defeat your enemy, you must understand your enemy. You see, women love sex. They are in many ways more sexual than men. Every episode of Cosmo is full of sex this and sex that. The 50 Shades hysteria is another example of the persistent consciousness of female sexuality. Have you ever heard a group of women talk about a sexual encounter? It’s only about a 1000% more graphic than a group of men will ever get.

So what’s the deal? Where did you go wrong? If you’re thinking your downfall was all in the bedroom,you are being woefully short sighted. Luckily, you buddy Kino Suave “The Gentleman Chauvinist” is here to help you out.Guys, it is our job, our duty as men to initiate intimacy with a woman that wants to be seduced and led into a comfortable sexual situation. Beating Last Minute Resistance does not start in the bedroom. It starts as soon as a sexual conversation has started. When you know she is in to you, you need to shift the paradigm ever so subtly. Instead of being the hunter, let her chase you. Let her play the role of the initiator. Instead of saying something along the lines of “we should hang out”, say something like “it would be way too crazy if we hung out.” If you are right and she is really in to you she will flirt with her response, usually something along the lines of “Oh, you think so, well it sounds like we should DEFINITELY hang out.” Put little hoops for her to jump through that put her in the role as the co-initiator.

Let’s take this idea of making her the aggressor one step further. If you can get her to initiate physical contact, you are a bad bad man. The best way I know how to do this is ramp the sexual tension and keep pulling it away. Ramp the sexual tension by touching her and make it seem like you are struggling not to rip her clothes off right on the spot. Make it painfully obvious that you are struggling to control yourself. If she is hot for you, pull her close, get her close and give her the I want to fark your brains out look
and make her think you are going to kiss her…then pull back (your head not your body, don’t lose the proximity), “No, no, you are trouble.” They will almost always go ahead and kiss you, lean in, or pull you back if she does this, kiss her. She made the push on you, she will not resist.
Ok, so let’s fast forward, you are alone and it’s about to go down…or is it?

What do you do now? Number one, don’t get over zealous and go for the kill. Unless she reaches down and yanks out your crank that’s probably not the way to go. Take your time, rev that engine, red line it. Make her want to explode with anticipation. So many guys blow it trying to dive in before she’s ready. Don’t be that guy.

The second thing you can do is the same pull away technique we discussed earlier. It simply works wonders in the bedroom. The idea is to beat her to the punch saying no. Say no,meekly turn your head away but don’t lose the proximity with your bodies. Just let her break and pull you back in and give you encouragement because she has just admitted to her self that she wants you. Most women will break at this point.Now, in some cases she is going to beat you to the punch. Don’t panic. Stay calm and cool.
Stop, agree, pause, back up a step.Let’s say up to this point you have kissed, you took off her top, sucked her breasts, and she stopped you at the point of pulling off her pants. Stop, Agree, pause but don’t lose proximity if possible, go back to kissing, suck her breasts and continue, the next time she likely won’t stop you. If she does stop you again, do the same thing until it would obviously become awkward or until she physically moves herself away from you. I have had women tell me no three times before they ripped my damn clothes off. Remember, if she doesn’t physically remove herself from your proximity it probably justmeans you need to rev that engine a little bit more.

Most importantly gentlemen, remember this and take it to heart. If she says no, not the flirty little sexy no we all know and love-I’m talking about it’s not going to go down tonight. Do not be reactive. Do not act all butt hurt. Don’t be pissy. Do not give her any negative energy. Take it like a man. If you give her the respect of being comfortable in the situation, next time you hangout is much more likely to end in a mutually beneficial bonding experience.

– Kino Suave “The Gentleman Chauvinist”

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