How To Improve Your Success With Women: Advice from 6 Influential Dating Coaches

How To IMprove With Women

I am delighted to introduce this collaborative post from some of my favorite dating and relationship coaches! Alot of you guys who visit QPGG are also looking to improve your relationships and interactions with women.

All 6 of these coaches answered the question:

“What are 3 important factors for improving your success with women?”

Below is a list of all six contributors.  If you’re struggling with meeting women, I highly recommend reading all of them!

Samuel McCrohan from

There are two aspects to becoming better with women: your inner beliefs and your outer skill-set. Improving one will automatically improve the other and as such, the three factors I have chosen cover both these areas.

The first factor is to practice approaching and meeting women. You can read everything there is about female psychology and seduction tactics, but ultimately, the only thing that will create a significant improvement is real-life practice. You have to get out there and gain experience! Even if you are getting nothing but rejections at first, you will be internalizing a lot more than you think. I’ve approached thousands of women in the ten years I’ve been in this industry and I still learn something from every single interaction.

In order to successfully conduct the above, the second factor is to rid any outcome dependence you have towards your interactions with women. Improving your skills with women is an exercise in personal development. If you go into each interaction simply to enjoy the process without any initial expectation, by definition you cannot get rejected! Try not to take it personally if a woman you have just met says something negative towards you: she doesn’t know the real you!

The final factor, on top of practicing with the right mental attitude, is to make sure that any relationship is progressing as mutually as possible. Once you are past the first few minutes of meeting, you should try to ensure that attraction, interest and effort is as equally balanced as possible. This applies to casually dating someone, right up to marriage and beyond. In the short term it will avoid undesirable pitfalls such as oneitis (helplessly pining after one “special” woman) or the friend-zone (not having romantic feelings reciprocated). If you are being proactive in meeting women, you should always have other options. No one woman should be that important to you if you aren’t important to her!

Samuel McCrohan is a dating and relationship coach based in the UK. He has worked as a dating coach both independently and with some of the world’s most renowned dating coaches and companies. Check him out at: – Emphatic Relationships! Proactive Dating!sam




Jesse Charger from

  1)Get some live training. Ebooks, free articles, and forums are overrated- they often result in information overload and paralysis (QuitPornGetGirls being a rare exception!). You’ll get up to speed much faster when you SEE someone in action who knows the ropes, with someone who can correct you and give specific advice to you. Seek a wingman who has had training himself, or pay for live training. Even phone coaching can be great. Yes, it’s more expensive up front, but will have you lots of time and frustrations in the long run.

 2)Like Chris says, QUIT PORN! It’s a fantasy, and successful men don’t live in fantasy worlds. Hold yourself to a higher standard than the guys lazing it out in front of the television and computer. The whole idea of “Quit Porn, Get Girls” is a brilliant starting point to winning with REAL women. I’ve published my own reasons why not to watch porn in this video: Contain Potential Triggers!)

3)Success is all about developing the right HABITS. Make the decision that meeting girls and having a social life is a *lifestyle*, something you dedicate time to each week, to build up those good habits. Like eating right and hitting the gym so that you have the ENERGY to go out. Or developing the habit to give each day your very best effort, instead watching television and porn. Or developing the habit of being social with everyone at a party, instead of just “target sniping” the one girl you like the most.

Practice developing enough of the right habits, drop the bad habits, and success WILL COME.

 Yes, it feels uncomfortable to change your habits at first. But the difference between successful guys and “losers” is that successful guys push through that initial feeling of discomfort; while losers just give up at the first sign of discomfort to live in sloth and fantasy.

 Good luck!


jesse charger

Jesse Charger is the the brains and brawn behind Seduction Science.He’s been figuring out how to meet girls since 2001 and has taught thousands of guys how to meet women the fast and effective way. Over 35,000 regular readers receive hi weekly reports. His purpose is to get you laid and to get you laid FAST… and *without* all the hassle of traditional dating (expensive dinners, spending money, showing off, the “goodnight kiss of death”, etc).Whether you’re after one special girl, or you just want to go on a crazy orgiastic romp, he’s got you covered. (May Contain Potential Triggers!)


Paul Brunson from

1) Learn to love yourself. It’s not a cliche and it’s not about looking in the mirror and knowing your outfit looks right on you. Loving yourself is about what you put in your mind, body, and spirit.

2) Know what compatibility with a woman looks like. Notice I mention “looks like.” As Chris Rock said, when we first meet people we’re meeting their representative” so basically what we initially hear is lip service. The key is what their actions say over time.

3) Always carry breath mints.


In the last three years, Paul Carrick Brunson (also known as The Modern Day Hitch) has become internationally recognized as one of the most successful matchmakers and relationship coaches. As a pioneering matchmaker, Paul has served over 400 clients directly and collectively through live events and social media, matched over 3,000 people on dates .paul c brunson
Paul’s expertise and unique understandings of love and relationship have made him a sought after expert on dating, self-actualization and relationships. Paul’s understanding and insights into romantic and lasting relationships have been featured on Dr. Drew’s LifeChangers, ANDERSON, the Washington Post, Essence, Extra, The Root, The Grio, AOL Black Voices, ABC news and Hot 97.


Ryan Jakovljevic from

1) Be yourself. Most people think they’re already doing this, but here’s an interesting fact: demographics like income, geolocation etc. are the best predictor of a person’s beliefs. This suggests most people just sponge up their identity from their surrounding environment. Spend time defining yourself, figuring out what YOU want from life, and shaping your own values and beliefs.

2) Be passionate. Find something you love and dedicate yourself to it fully. Be the best person at that task. Whether it’s construction, law, business – if you love it, use your passion to become great and loads of money will follow.

3) Be adventurous. Meet new people, maintain an active social circle, stay in touch with friends, do interesting things, try new stuff. If you don’t ever do things differently, you’ll always get the same results.


Ryan Jakovljevic is the founder of Evolve Personal Coaching and Counselling, Inc.ryan





Tripp from


1) Maintaining Confidence

The most important trait a man can possess is confidence. Why? Because a girl wants to know that she can be with a man who has his stuff together. Confidence is a trait of an alpha male which women are attracted to. Plus, confidence will help you talk to and approach the women you desire. Without confidence, the journey will be longer, but be assured you will be able to get there.

2) Style

Style is a crucial factor in your success with women. You don’t have to dress super trendy, but have a style that matches the type of girl you would like to attract. Picture that girl now. What kind of man would she be attracted to. If you’re into the Kate Upton type, then you better grab a GQ and start perusing for some sexy sport coats.

3) Conversation

This will be the third factor in your success with women. You need to have the gift of gab. Many men are born with it and others are not. I was somewhere in between. But, I learned how to keep up with conversation with women, men, business contacts and more. The best way to practice is to start talking to EVERYONE and really open up your curiosity. The more questions you can ask, the further along a conversation can go. Just make sure it doesn’t turn into an interview!


Bio: A dating coach from Los Angeles, Tripp helps men attract and get dates with the women they desire, but without having to use gimmicks or tricks.He runs Trippadvice.comtripp





Adam LoDolce from

Abundance: If a man has options, he will be far less needy when he finally meets the right girl. Abundance only comes from going out and approaching a TON of women consistently.

Polarizing Personality: Be the man with strong opinions and outrageous humor. You’ll turn off some women, but will build strong attraction with others.

Value yourself: Confidence only comes through self value.


Adam LoDolce is a Boston based dating coach, author, touring college speaker, and now the producer of “Go Talk to Her”. For over three years, Adam has been earning the trust of both men and women as one of the leading dating coaches in the country.
Adam has also been a college speaker at dozens of the top universities in the country, Notre Dame, University of Alabama, and the University of Texas (to name a few), and he has been featured hundreds of national magazines/shows such as Glamour Magazine, Cosmo, CNN, and The Boston Globe. His revolutionary programs focus on building rock solid inner confidence for men and women to dominate the dating scene.
You can check out Adam LoDolce’s free film “Go Talk To Her” at www.GoTalkToHer.comindex



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