How To be Unapologetic While Attracting Women


Today’s guest post is by the renowned Kino Suave – The Gentleman Chauvinist.

O.k, I have some news for you. Women love sex. Even more shocking, women love to have sex with men that aren’t shy about wanting to have sex with them. Now before any of you “nice guys” have a conniption fit, let’s examine some common themes.

“Nice guys finish last.” “Women love Jerks.”” Why am I always in the friend zone?“” Everything was going great we went on 17 dates then she stopped calling me, why?”” Why is she screwing that douche?”Hey, nice guys It’s your fault she is screwing that douche. She is screwing that douche because you have no balls. This woman that you have been pining over doesn’t really want a jerk. What she craves, is excitement. When that guy came along and looked at her like a piece of meat and told her how great her ass looked in those jeans she was wearing, it was exciting. All this time you were taking her on date after date, being respectful, telling her about your job, and showering her with gifts and she was dry as the Mojave.

Women love men that are unapologetic about being men. You don’t have to be an ass. You don’t have to be deceitful or manipulative but you do need to be a man. Acknowledging her being attractive is not disrespectful. If she spends hours at the gym and has an ass that you can bounce quarters off , how rude of you not to notice. Did she put on a dress and top that shows of her awesome boobs? Do you think she did that to look sexy, so that you wouldn’t notice?
Be a gentleman, open doors, plan dates, buy flowers, but don’t ever deny the fact that you are a sexual being interested in her in a sexual manner. I’m not saying be crass, just be honest.

Here is a real world example. I sent a text to a woman commenting on how beautiful she is. Man is she sexy, just classic Latina perfection, big brown eyes, dark skin, just smoking. Her response was, “You just want in my pants. It’s not going to happen, buddy.” My response, “Of course I want in your pants. You’re gorgeous with those big brown eyes and those lips that hide your sneaky little smile. So yep, I’m just like every other red blooded American male that you meet. You’re damn right I want in your pants.”

Another example that I can recall a woman came to visit me at my place and as I started touching her she immediately pulled away and said, “How do I know you aren’t just using me for sex?” My reply, “I don’t know, but I know you’re sexier than mofo with those green eyes and I’m going to get you naked at every available opportunity.” At first the look on her face was one of shock, clearly this was not what she expected to hear. I never broke my frame and looked at her like I couldn’t wait to rip her clothes off.
What you might expect to lead to disaster led to mutually beneficial bonding experiences.

Be a gentleman, don’t be a wuss. When a woman gives you the opportunity to plant the idea in her mind that you are sexually attracted to her, do it. You might think it would compromise your ability to connect sexually but the effect is exactly the opposite. Women want to be desired and it has a powerful effect on their psyche when a man is brutally honest about wanting her in a sexual way. Happy hunting.

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