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Who Else Wants to Snap Back To Reality from Their Porn Addiction? (Part 2)

The following two part blog series is a guest post by Craig Perra of Craig is a Porn Addiction Coach and certified Porn Asskicker.   In part one of this blog I talked about the power of the addiction cycle and how you can use it to stop being a porn zombie and wake […]

How To Approach Women Successfully

  Hey, guys. it’s Kino Suave the Gentlemen Chauvinist and I wanted to pass on a few tidbits of advice that should help you progress in the pursuit of meeting and seducing women. First of all, for those with anxiety about approaching women- stop hitting on women. Guys you have no idea, if this woman […]

Porn is Not The Problem – You Are

    Todays post is by Dr. David Ley from the other side of the Porn/Sex Addiction fence. This post is meant to provide a different take on Porn and Sex Addiction.   I’ve got a startling piece of information for you – porn is not addictive. Sex is not addictive. The ideas of porn […]

How To be Unapologetic While Attracting Women

Today’s guest post is by the renowned Kino Suave – The Gentleman Chauvinist. O.k, I have some news for you. Women love sex. Even more shocking, women love to have sex with men that aren’t shy about wanting to have sex with them. Now before any of you “nice guys” have a conniption fit, let’s […]

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