Three Essential Traits You Need To Get Laid



Why do some men seem to get laid all the time and others find it one of the most frustrating pursuits of their lives? So many men turn to porn out of frustration with not being able to have the relationship, sexual partner or sexual variety that they crave.

After observing and analyzing every guy I’ve come across that was getting laid with multiple partners on a regular basis, I’ve found out there that basically three traits they all possess.
Regardless of whether they were wealthy, poor and living in their parents basement, good looking or unattractive, educated or uneducated, young or old, they all had these three traits.

1) They are confident men:
There is no argument about it- women are attracted to confident men. The more confident, the better. All of us have seen a gorgeous woman on the arm of a guy who looked like he had nothing going on for him. On closer inspection,you’ll find that he a cocky or confident man.

Confidence is not a trait you are born with. You have to learn it, earn it, develop it and sometimes fake it till you make it.

For the first twenty years of my life, I had no self confidence at all. I had no idea how to talk to women to get them attracted to me and as a result,I obviously never got laid. In order to make a change, I began hanging out with guys who were good at attracting women and trying to mimic their “moves” and confidence.
Eventually, I learned how to fake confidence to the point that I was getting laid on a semi-regular basis. I felt like a fraud for faking my confidence and consequently, my results and relationships were always inconsistent and short lived. However, as I persisted with faking my confidence, my success increased and I arrived at a point where I no longer needed to fake my confidence. My little successes, stacked on top one another had evolved into legitimate confidence and I finally figured out what how to get great at meeting and attracting women.
Be confident, fake it if you aren’t and persist. Success will come to you eventually.

2) They are happy and fun men:
Men who enjoy life, men who are fun and funny make women want to be around them. Women are social creatures and gravitate to men who seem to enjoy and revel in social situations. They want to be around positivity and humor. If you’ve ever been in a bar just hanging out having a really good time with your male friends,you’ll notice that over time, the number of women in proximity to your group will increase. Women want to a part of your fun, jovial vibe. Develop it.

3) They can handle rejection:
Men who have sex with multiple women handle rejection very well. Not every women is going to sleep with you. In fact, most women don’t want to have anything to do with you sexually. Your mindset should be: the best thing when it come to hooking up with a woman is hooking up with her. The second best thing is being rejected, because you are at least out there trying. The third thing is being a wallflower afraid to talk to any woman and the fourth and worst is staying at home watching porn and not even giving yourself a shot.
Women will never approach you. This ain’t the movies.The only men who get anywhere in life are the men who take chances. Go out there and approach women and get rejected. Take your ego down a few notches and eventually, when rejection doesn’t bother you anymore, your success with women will soar.

What are some of the other traits men possess that contribute to having multiple sexual partners?  Respond below!



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