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Why “Get Girls”?

  Why Quit Porn and Get Girls? I receive lots of questions about why a website that aims to help men quit porn would also give out information which could be potential triggers to porn addicts. I’ll tell you why.Most of my struggles with porn had to do with my relationship with women, and a […]

How Meditation Helps You Quit Porn

    When we hear the term “meditation”, we tend to imagine ourselves(or someone else) sitting cross-legged in silence or chanting some mantra. Well, there’s a lot more to meditation than meets the eye and if you’re trying to quit porn, meditation is one of the most powerful tools you can use to reach your […]

Three Essential Traits You Need To Get Laid

    Why do some men seem to get laid all the time and others find it one of the most frustrating pursuits of their lives? So many men turn to porn out of frustration with not being able to have the relationship, sexual partner or sexual variety that they crave. After observing and analyzing […]

Why You Will Never Quit Porn

  Porn addicts are not using porn to escape, they are using porn to overcome a craving beyond their mental control So you’ve tried to quit porn and failed. Several times. You’re not alone. By my estimation, hundreds of thousands of men have tried and will continue to try and fail dismally in the years […]

7 Mistakes Men Make in Relationships

    If you were to google the phrase “mistakes men make in relationships”, you’ll get a plethora of USELESS advice written by either women, men who have only been in one relationship or nice guys who have never bloodied their noses in the death ring of a doomed relationship. You’ll read BS such as […]

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