Get Girls 101: No Means Yes


Not literally, of course. Almost every girl you will try to hook up with will tell you “No” in some way, shape, or form. Especially in America. If , as a guy you buy into the notion that “No” means stop trying, then unless you plan to date women in different countries, you’re going to be frustrated and confused  more often than not,especially when the women who tell you “no” resent you afterwards.

What does this mean? Most women in America have been shamed into believing that if they have sex with multiple guys or put out on the first date that they are “sluts”. As a result, even if they really want to have hot, sweaty jungle sex with you that night, they feel obligated to put up resistance several times so that you don’t think they ever have sex this quickly.

Of course, if a woman really doesn’t want to have sex with you she will do one of three things: clearly and emphatically tell you “no”, leave you, or slap you. Sometimes all three. At this point you must quit immediately. The consequences if you don’t are not funny.

When you get resistance from a girl at the point of closing the deal, you cannot force the issue or try to logically talk her into having sex. Your mindset must always be: “Resistance means maybe”. The key is to keep talking while touching, kissing and being physical with her. Eventually, she will give in to her natural instincts.Or slap you.

As you get more experienced with meeting women, you will come across two phrases that epitomize this resistance. One comes early and the other comes at the very last moment. The former is some variation of “We are not going to hook up tonight”. It usually happens when you’re on a date or at a bar with the woman in question. This simply means that the woman in question wants to sleep with you and finds you irresistible to the point that she questions her restraint around you. She needs to convince herself that she can be in control around you, so she verbalizes her feeling by saying “We’re not going to hook up/sleep together tonight”. A more accurate depiction would be as follows,if you were at a bar:

Guy: “ Hey, I’m having a great time with you, why don’t we continue the party at my place.”

Girl: “ Let me text my friends and let them know. Okay, but I want you to know that we’re not sleeping together or anything like that!

Alas, this technique backfires because to the experienced man it reveals that she is probably going to have sex with you. If she wasn’t considering it, why would she bring it up? The inexperienced nice guy on the other hand, is promptly defeated by this phrase and does what he does best:nothing. I would advocate going back to your place and carrying on as if she never mentioned anything.

The latter of the two phrases is some variation of “…But we just met!”. This usually happens when you are already back at your place,often when you’re trying to get to the next level. It can also occur at the venue where you began connecting with the woman. The reason a woman says this is because she needs to believe that she is going to see you again at some point in the future and that you’re a cool, attractive guy that isn’t a player trying to get another notch. She doesn’t want it to feel like cheap empty sex. When she says this, shes just served the ball to your side of the court and its your obligation as a man to swing back with everything you’ve got. The only way to overcome this is to get totally in the moment with the woman and emphasize the connection you both have as well as the feeling that there is more to this than just a one night fling. In this situation, when I connect with the woman, I often find myself saying:

Yeah, I have no idea why I’m so damn attracted to you, because we just met,but I can already feel that we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other.

Some other phrases to use in this situation are:

I’m sorry, but I’m just so turned on by you. All I know is that you turn me on,and you should just do whatever you want.

You already know a few weeks from now we’ll be lying in bed after having great sex and massive orgasms, laughing at how stupid we were to consider not having sex tonight.

Again, mindset is key. Always move forward when you encounter resistance in these situations with women and remember, the worst thing that could happen is that she clearly and emphatically says “No”.

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