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I’m tired of seeing terribly put-together men trying to go out and succeed with women.Not every guy is good looking, but I can assure you every guy can improve their looks and success with women by following a few rules that always work.

These rules are all field tested and they work.

1) Never wear t-shirts under your dress shirt: Just stop it. This looks screams “I’m a conservative guy too scared to wear this awesome fitted dress shirt without some form of a barrier” to a woman. Dress shirts are meant to be worn as they are without t-shirts underneath.T shirts make the shirt look terrible and sub-communicates conservativeness to women.

2) Whiten your teeth: You can go to almost any pharmacy orĀ  convenience store and buy a set of whitening strips.Use as directed and you have yourself a much brighter smile.You can also get it done at you dentist. I get complimented on my teeth all the time, mostly by women. White teeth accentuate your smile and ….who cares? Women love it!

3) Take care of your face: Some men look their age, some younger and some look older than their age. You should always aim for looking younger than your age.Wash and exfoliate you face every night, and apply retinol cream which is rich in vitamin A. Apply your regular facial cream and a collagen elastin cream as well which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Adhering to this consistently will help you in the long term.

4) Trim your unruly hair: Trim your body hair. Most men like their women smooth and shaven, but run around like gorillas and 1970’s gigolos. Shave that hair off your back and shoulders. Trim your pubes and shave your balls. Women don’t want to go down on your jungle and even if they do, by some chance, they appreciate a well manicured crotch. While we are on the topic of crotches, I’d like to share a tip I recently learnt. Men can generate a lot of foul smelling musk down there especially when we’ve been out at the bars all night. Apply some baby powder to the area just below your balls.This will keep it smelling fresh and be less unpleasant if a woman goes down on you.

5) Use one cologne: Using one cologne give you an identity, especially to women. She remembers you every time she smells it. She wants to keep your shirt, wear your jacket, and not wash the sheets you made love in. Wear one cologne, gentlemen.

6) Tailor your clothes: America has a huge problem with guys who wear unfitted clothes. I’m honestly embarrassed to see guys sauntering around in shirts two sizes too big and baggy pants. Do yourself a favor and take all your ill fitting clothes, especially your dress shirts to a tailor and have him adjust them to fit you.You’ll look much better and feel better about yourself.You don’t need expensive clothes to look good.I wear some of the cheapest brands out there get compliments on how well I dress. A good fit is one of the secrets of a well dressed man.

7) Get a pair of nice and comfortable black dress shoes and nice dark jeans: basics in your wardrobe.Women really do look at shoes.Just make sure they are comfortable. Nothing feels better than a pair of stylish dark jeans. You can wear it casually or semi formally, it looks good just wearing it hanging out in the mall during the day and stylish, yet unobtrusive at night.

8) Eat healthier: I’m sure you’ve all heard those commercials advertising “the newest sixpack shortcut” and seen the thousands of ads and videos online promising you a dream body and “ripped abs” if you just buy their program. Let me save you some money and give you the true secret of abs: its your diet. Clean and healthy eating coupled with moderate exercise will yield a six pack.

i) Cut out ALL fast food from your diet.

ii) Go to the gym or workout at least four times a week.Lift weights and do aerobic exercise( like running or using the elliptical). Don’t believe a woman when she tells you “I don’t like big bulky men with muscles”-what she means is that shes not into huge steroid abusers, but she loves muscles on a man.Also, you look better in t-shirts and polos with some muscle mass.

iii) Don’t eat after 8PM.

These are the basic rules of maintaining a decent appearance thats attractive to women.

  • TJ Nelson

    What do you use to wash and exfoliate your face every night? Anything in particular that is best?

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