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This post is for the single guys in their prime, for the divorced men looking to get back in the game , the men who spent much of their twenties and thirties in some kind of long term relationship and got out of it only to wonder whats next, and for the guys who just realized their self worth, but feel its too late to go out there and date .

As I grow older, through my dating experience, I’ve progressively realized that I can date women of any age.In fact, the older I get, the more attractive I become to women and the better quality women I find myself in bed or holding hands with.

Don’t fret over getting older and not being attractive to women. The truth is, you are at a great advantage. Studies have shown that mean reach their peak of attractiveness at age 31. Many men will have to wait till about the age of 29- 31 to truly enjoy dating the way a 19- 25 year old woman would because that’s when men typically have the resources to fully leverage their attractiveness.

There’s a saying “Men age like wine, women age like milk.” Rather black and white, because we’ve all observed the reverse, but there’s a sliver of truth to it.

Allow me to break down the different age brackets in terms of attractiveness and access to sex and relationships for both men and women.

Age 16-19:

Women: At this age women know that men want what they’ve got and they flaunt it because they can get sex literally anytime they want.They begin to be sexually desirable at this age.Once they hit 18 and 19, the sky’s the limit, especially with a fake ID.

Men: Screwed. Most have no idea how to deal with women at this point and no resources. Those who are in relationships are lucky and those who are having sex in or out of these relationships are few and far between.

Age 20-26

Women: Peak age for women. In the past I would have ended it at 23, but times have changed and most women especially those who are in a good place financially can maintain this peak to at least 26, after which there biological clock starts ticking and they begin looking to settle down.

Men: Most men being learning through trial and alot of error how to deal with women.They usually start gathering resources such savings, decent jobs, career advancement opportunities and begin to slowly enjoy a better dating life and more sex. Not as much sex as the women their age have access to, however.

Age 27-29

Women: Time to get hitched. Women are ready to settle down and have kids.She’s past her peak attractiveness and  aware of the steady decline in her looks. Interestingly, most single women are aware at this point that though they have access to sex as much as they ever did, their access to committed relationships has steadily declined.Nevertheless, most get married at this point.

Men: Men have a rather clear idea of where they stand in their careers at this point. They have more money and more skills with women, not to mention more options. In fact, at this point, men have access to women from ages 19 upwards.Men fall into two categories at this point. Those who look to settle down and those who look to spend more time enjoying the new level they have accessed in sex and dating.

I strongly advice men to start taking better care of themselves at this point. Eat clean, hit the gym on a steady basis, and take care of your skin. When you start take care of your skin in your late twenties and do it consistently, you look fantastic forever.

Age 30 +:

Women : Usually married at this point, but a lot of women at single as well. Most women at this point are seriously looking to get married and are willing to settle at this point.Their access to sex is still high, but access to commitment is getting lower especially among men in this age bracket.

Men: Access to all women. You’re more experienced, a better lover and your earning capacity keep increasing . If you choose to settle down, you could marry a 22 year old and live happily ever after. Alternatively, you could stay single and expand your dating pool for the next ten odd years and even beyond provided you stay in shape and stay successful. Think George Clooney. He was never drooled over by women till his hair got a little snowy.

Don’t be swayed by anyone’s negative opinion of older men with younger women, or older men dating, period. Older men have dated and had sex with younger women from time immemorial, through various evolutions of society. Fear not…its wont be going away anytime soon.

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    in ages 27-29, what if the guy, man, is in that age range and is still a virgin, never had a girlfriend before? as much as people argue and say that mens attractiveness, dating/mating market value increases as they age, I would highly imagine, that the overwhelming, vast majority of guys, men who are in their 30’s and 40’s that have consistent success with women, are guys who had a decent amount of success with women in either their teens or 20’s, as in they lost their virginity or experienced their first girlfriend in either their teens or 20’s

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