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How Quitting Porn Helps You Become More Social

      I know a lot of you men out there wonder whether your persistent social anxiety issues stem from protracted porn use. I pondered the same as well especially when I began the process of quitting porn and realized that my social anxiety decreased significantly. There are no studies that exist which prove […]

How To Deal With Jealousy

My head thumped heavily in time with my pulse as blood rushed into it. I could feel the surge of adrenaline course through my body, as my hand shook, nearly dropping the phone it held. The text read “I’d only be coming to see you, baby”. I read through the text a few more times […]

Get Girls 101: No Means Yes

  Not literally, of course. Almost every girl you will try to hook up with will tell you “No” in some way, shape, or form. Especially in America. If , as a guy you buy into the notion that “No” means stop trying, then unless you plan to date women in different countries, you’re going […]

Porn Use Is Not Cheating

The growing trend of internet porn is leading to the destruction of many relationships and proving to be the root cause of many dysfunctions within relationships. A lot of angry partners struggle with the question “If my spouse/partner is using porn is that cheating?” Over the years, I sat on the fence on this debate,but […]

Get Girls 101: Your Appearance

  I’m tired of seeing terribly put-together men trying to go out and succeed with women.Not every guy is good looking, but I can assure you every guy can improve their looks and success with women by following a few rules that always work. These rules are all field tested and they work. 1) Never […]

Think You Quit Porn? Think Again

While the dangers of porn are still not recognized by society at large, its most deadly effects are known most intimately by those who have truly embarked on the arduous journey to a porn free life. I’m one of those. It took me eleven years of trial and failure to finally quit. The truth is, […]

Older is Better

This post is for the single guys in their prime, for the divorced men looking to get back in the game , the men who spent much of their twenties and thirties in some kind of long term relationship and got out of it only to wonder whats next, and for the guys who just […]

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