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Quit Porn or Quit Your Relationship

  If you’re addicted to porn and you don’t want to quit, you need to get out of your relationship. Seriously. Break up with your girlfriend , file for divorce, just cut it off. Chronic porn use wrecks havoc on relationship especially to women. I remember when I was addicted to porn, and dating a […]

Maybe He Watches Porn Because You Got Fat

    Everyday, I read stories of women in relationships who are absolutely heartbroken because they found out their husband or boyfriend was viewing pornography. They wonder whether its because he’s no longer attracted to them or if its a result of him just wanting more variety. Some blame themselves and some blame their man, […]

Dealing with a Relapse

One of the most frustrating aspects of trying to quit any addiction especially pornography is the relapse. Everyone wants to win, to beat it, to be strong ,to get to a certain marker,whether its a week, 30 days,90days or forever. The reality is that relapses do happen. Anyone who tells you that there’s a way […]

How To Get Girls In Bars and Nightclubs

  I first stepped into bar with the specific intent of picking up a girl in SeptemberĀ  2001. Vodka lime in hand, I looked around at all the sexy ladies, savouring the social dynamics of the bar andĀ  the determination in my groin to take a woman home that night.It would be the beginning of […]

10 Reasons You Dont Get Laid

  1) You lack confidence: Deep down you don’t believe you were meant to have sex with women you find attractive. You don’t think you have any qualities that would attract women.You’re in a bookstore and an attractive woman makes eye contact with you.Instead of smiling back, you quickly look away worrying that you’ll offend […]

Attracting Women While Quitting Porn

Literature and resources that help men quit porn addiction offer a lot of paths and solutions to men as they begin the journey of breaking the chains of pornography. I’ve read/ watched/participated in piles of them and have never some across a single resource devoted to helping men quit pornography that addresses their need to […]

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