Why You Need to Quit



You probably already have a very good reason to quit if you are browsing this site. Porn addiction wrecks so much havoc in our lives in the long term, that we seldom realize just how much our lives would change if we quit.

Here are some of the advantages of quitting:

Rebuild your self image: Your self image is severely damaged not by your pornography addiction, but by the behaviors that go with the addiction. Usually, being addicted to porn involves living a double life-having to lie about your problem and hide it from your spouse, your friends and your family.
Quitting, especially the process of quitting rebuilds your self image because it is a positive step in the right direction. You are taking control of your life and making a transition which takes a great effort to achieve. Your self confidence increases as you make progress.

Bring back happiness into you life: Yes, it sounds cliché, but when you struggle with pornography addiction, you mind is mostly preoccupied with guilt, shame, depression, frustration, pain and deep cravings. Both the craving for porn and the aversion to it lead to unhappiness. Quitting restores balance to your mind.

Drive and will to succeed: I personally believe that a man who is addicted to pornography is not much of a success. Take a look at your life. Are you even close to where you want to be? The time spent on porn subtracts from the time you could be spending on self development, improving your skills for your career or building business relationships. Incessant masturbation dulls testosterone level. Studies have shown that high testosterone levels equate to better performance at work, increased focus and a strong desire and tenacity to succeed.

Better intimate relationships: Pornography addiction destroys relationships. There is no doubt about it. Most women are absolutely unaware of their partners porn addiction. The lying that you use to cover up your addiction is enough to destroy a relationship with your spouse or significant other. When you avoid social situations, skip dates, break agreements and lie just to spend time on your addiction, you sow the seeds of destruction in your relationship.
-Improved social life: Its no surprise that your social life probably suffers greatly. At first getting back to a social lifestyle can be daunting and tough because you either don’t feel like it or you’ve gone so long without being social that you don’t even know what its like to be social anymore. You may also feel as if you are socially inept. Quitting restores balance to your brain which is the first step in improving your social life. An addict cannot have a fulfilling social life. A balanced brain leads to improved self esteem and self worth .Individuals with a healthy sense of self worth are motivated to cultivated new social connections with like minded people.

Get diagnosed right: Due to the lack of widespread awareness of pornography addiction, a lot of males are misdiagnosed by professionals and by themselves as suffering from ADHD, social anxiety, performance anxiety, OCD and depression among others. These are often, in the case of a porn addict symptoms of the underlying issue. Sadly, they are often medicated without the root cause being realized. If you are misdiagnosed, quitting could very well be the first step in taking back control of this part of your life.

Date Quality Women: A good portion of guys spend their time fantasizing to women on their computer screens.Beautiful women that most will probably never date or have sex with. When you are consumed by porn and masturbation, you don’t have a clear idea of what a “quality” woman is, what she desires sexually, how to attract her and how to keep her.Quitting clears all the bullshit in your mind and lays a foundation for building an attractive mindset that will eventually get you a desirable woman.

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