How I Cured My Erectile Dysfunction Part 1

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This is a post that I have hesitated to write for quite a while simply because Erectile Dysfunction (ED), was a problem that I developed only later on -after the peak of my porn use. It completely fucked up my sex life. It took a lot of experimenting to figure out a number of ways to fix it and most of my progress has been quite recent( within the last year) . However, I went beyond “fixing” my ED- I’ve essentially improved my sexual performance to a level I never thought possible.

I can now have sex and orgasm multiple times (usually a three time maximum, depending on how attractive the girl is), I ejaculate more and I maintain my erection till exhaustion. This means that my erection does not stop until I am literally physically unable to get in another stroke.Sometimes, I literally grin as I’m having sex -its almost unfathomable how I got to this point. Trust me, guys- I know I sound like a broken record with this sometimes, but if you have a bad porn habit, addiction and ED- YOU CAN have an above average sex life.A life that many people in society will find very hard to believe I will keep preaching that till I’m in the grave.It takes hard work, commitment, discipline and dedication, but you can make it YOUR REALITY.

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How To Kill Your Weak Self


                                                            Photo Source: Shutterstock As I continue on my eternal quest of self-improvement, I’ve come to understand that overcoming my pornography addiction was merely one step in a long process of completely overhauling the person I am and replacing all the qualities that previously defined me with qualities that will make me the man that […]

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5 Reasons To Never Take Dating Advice From Women


                                                                        Photo source: Shutterstock If there is one thing I know with absolute certainty in my life today, its the fact that if I listened and took to heart my mothers advice on how to attract  women, I’d still be a virgin, watching porn on a daily basis and most definitely lacking in self esteem. […]

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How Feminism Hurts Men


What do Joseph Gordon Levitts recent assertions, Emma Watsons speech and the newly passed “Yes means Yes” law have in common? They’re all symptoms of an overly feminized and sick society. Today’s generation of men are the most emasculated, and feminized set of men to walk the earth. Generations of boys are being raised to […]

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Don’t Let Dogma Hold You Back


Photo Source: Shutterstock   dogma [dawg-muh,dog-] noun,plural dogmas or dogmata an official system of principles or tenets concerning faith, morals, behavior, etc.,as of a church. Synonyms: doctrine, teachings, set of beliefs, philosophy. I grew up in a deeply religious Catholic household. Masturbation was sin. Premarital sex was sin. Hell was a reality etched in my […]

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How Social Media Makes You A Little Bitch

little bitch

  For the man struggling with letting go of porn and getting laid, social media is part of the problem. Quitting porn requires you to stay away from all images and triggers that could jeopardize your progress. Getting girls require you to recondition your beliefs about women, dating, sex and relationships. Social Media actively destroys […]

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Why You Are Still A Failure


Photo credit: Shutterstock I receive dozens of emails every week from men who are frustrated with their current life situation. They are exhausted with trying over and over again to quit their porn addiction, fix their relationship issues, start a business, or just get laid. Most of the men who struggle with this have one […]

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How To Be A Content Man


  Photo Credit: Shutterstock Show me a man dealing with compulsive porn use, and I will show you a man who is severely lacking in some significant part of his life. As you deal with your porn addiction and work on your relationships with women, its important to identify the areas in your life that […]

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How To Escape From Porn Hell

  No, its not the title of an upcoming documentary about my life. Some men, despite their numerous attempts to quit watching porn, have unfortunately reached a stage where they accept their eternal addiction to pornography use. You still struggle with your porn use, but its the useless struggle of a man whose life sentence […]

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Porn Abuse: A Gay Guy’s Take

Hello men, Today, I am sharing an email from one of the gay readers of  While I receive lots of emails from gay men, this particular email sums up all the issues that are specific to gay men who are addicted to porn and to some extent, straight men as well.

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