How Social Media Makes You A Little Bitch


little bitch

For the man struggling with letting go of porn and getting laid, social media is part of the problem.

Quitting porn requires you to stay away from all images and triggers that could jeopardize your progress. Getting girls require you to recondition your beliefs about women, dating, sex and relationships. Social Media actively destroys both.

I regularly get emails from men telling me how they managed to make progress in some aspects of their life- fitness, finances, looks, but still fall short in the dependence on porn and sex department. One of my main questions is: “How much time do you spend on social media?”

Before you read any further, let me summarize this article, so that if you’re disinclined to read the rest, you’ll get the most important points before you head over to to get started on smashing your porn habit ;)


  1. Social media make you a little bitch
  2. You don’t need social media
  3. If you use social media is should only be used strictly as a tool to make money or get laid
  4. Its addictive. If you masturbate and use porn on a daily basis and you’re trying to quit, social media will get in your way.


Let me break it down the destructive effects of two social media outlets which, from the messages I receive, I consider counterproductive to our goals here at QPGG.

 Instagram: If you have a porn problem, Instagram will eventually lead you to its sexualized underbelly, where you will relapse. Instagram’s popularity is fueled primarily by sexualized images. Basically, when you move all the bullshit aside, Instagram is porn. Yes, a bold statement which you don’t have to agree with, but if you’re serious about getting over your porn habits and addiction, you need to delete this app.

For instance, I’m a fitness enthusiast. I follow a few people on instagram who legitimately provide great information on working out, diets and keeping fit. If you follow any fitness pages, you’ll also inevitably get exposed to hundreds of pictures of “fit” models in provocative poses, with a cliche and meaningless quote at the bottom.

Here’s a verbatim post from a popular “female fitness” model with over 300,000 subscribers whom I promptly unfollowed:

“ To be happy, to be free, to be strong, to be extraordinary, to be an individual, to honest, to be love, to be humble to be independent, to be faithful, to be a leader, to be intelligent, to be faithful, to be a leader, to be intelligent, to be YOU. To be able to feel and just live. Is one of the worlds biggest challenges. But you can do anything start today. Start being YOU.”

The picture above this  ridiculous message? The model in a ridiculously tight spaghetti strap top, with her nipples clearly visible and occupying 80% of the image. (images never included due to trigger effects)

Instagram does three things:

  1. Retards any progress you’re making with giving up porn by gradually becoming a replacement for porn.
  2. Feeds your unrealistic physical expectations of women, which is already unrealistic enough thanks to countless hours of porn.
  3. Overwhelm you mind with cliché “motivational” quotes from hustlers masquerading as models of self improvement and simultaneously live vicariously through others fake lives.

Instagram is NOT an accurate depiction on anything in reality. I know this because I have family members who are LEGIT instagram celebrities in their niche and their Instagram lives are a FAR cry from reality.

Facebook: Facebook is a microcosm of modern society. From its biased algorithms to its rapid invasion of your privacy, for the majority of men, Facebook is the ultimate destructive social media force. The two main ways Facebook makes you a little bitch are:

Facebook is a dump:

Depending on your timeline settings, Facebook is a news outlet, keeping you updated(and negative) about the latest trending event all around the world. Its a battle ground for advertisers, and sensationalists. A place where agendas that keep you emasculated are drilled/dumped into your head.

A few months ago, I was surprised and perplexed at all the feminist notions that kept randomly popping into my head- it was quite disturbing. Everywhere I went, I began to see and hear more feminist rhetoric. It was literally making me depressed.I chalked it up to my general aversion to modern feminism, but one morning, as I sent out messages to my team, I scrolled past a piece from the Huffington Post( a bastion of feminism-stay away). The exact heading eludes me now, but I remember suddenly becoming vividly aware of all the trash I had been subconsciously downloading from just scrolling through my timeline.

I was subscribed to the Huffington Post and most of its posts on my Facebook timeline were pushing an agenda which everything masculine within me was rejecting, yet I kept bombarding my mind with Huffpost trash. I felt much better and less like a little bitch once I cleaned up my account and decided to use Facebook just for business purposes.


Its a colossal waste of time.

If you start your mornings off by scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or any other form of social media, please stop. There are much more effective ways to start your day off.

Time is the most precious commodity you possess as a man.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned that has contributed to my success comes in the form of the question: “What is the most productive thing I could be doing at this moment?”. I guarantee you- there will never be a time that “browsing through my Facebook timeline” will be the appropriate answer.

Doing the most productive thing means DOING THE MOST PRODUCTIVE THING AT THAT MOMENT- no matter how painful, boring, distasteful or trauma-inducing it may be. It may be spending 3 hours cold calling client for your business, approaching 10 women at your local mall, or getting started on your 30 page final term paper. Don’t get me wrong-sometimes the most productive thing you could do is take a walk in nature with a loved one, or catch up on some fiction you’ve been reading.

Nevertheless, there are 4 basic steps to doing this:

Step 1: Ask yourself: “What is the most productive thing I could be doing at this moment?”

Step 2: Decide what it is

Step 3: Do it

Step 4: After you’ve done it, go back to step 1 and repeat till the day is over.


Don’t be you mind’s bitch. Don’t be times bitch. Don’t be a slave to social media.

Be Happy.


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