Why You Should Take Risks With Women (Video)


Risk leads to growth.  I believe that if you’re not growing, you’re dying. Today’s video is Part #4 of QuitPornGetGirls “Foundations of Game” series presented by our resident attraction coach Kino Suave.Continue Reading

How To Introduce Sexuality into Your Interactions With Women (Video)


We are men. We are sexual. There’s nothing wrong with that. You should only be ashamed of your sexuality if you’re trying to suppress it. Otherwise, be sexual. In fact when it comes to women that you are attracted to, be overtly sexual. Remember if you aren’t sexual with a woman, then it’s unlikely that […]

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Consistency In Game (Video)

Hey guys, it’s your buddy Kino here to pimp the benefits of having consistency in your game. Now consistency as it relates to game can mean many things. Therefore, I want to clarify. The consistency I’m referring to is the type of material and methodology that you use. I’ve have seen so many aspiring seducers […]

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Stop Being a Pickup Creeper (Video)


The video  below is by QuitPornGetGirls official dating coach- Kino Suave. Definition of Game: The ability and mindset to become good with the opposite sex—to become attractive, both inside and out. For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, Kino Suave is a renowned professional dating/attraction coach based out of Albuquerque New Mexico who […]

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10 Most Common Symptoms Of Porn Addiction


  One of the most troubling times in some men’s lives is the moment they realize the toll pornography was taking on their well being. Personally, I quit pornography at a time when the resources available today were non existent and identifying all the symptoms of my addiction took many years.

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15 Habits That Destroy Your Self Esteem


  Self Esteem is essentially confidence in your worth and abilities. Its incredibly important for men- especially in the society we live in today. Unfortunately for most us, our self esteem is in tatters by the time we reach adulthood. An overly sexualized society where pornography slowly seeps into the mainstream juxtaposed with all the […]

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Your Girlfriend is a Slut…and its O.K


Are you feeling insecure that your girl has been with a lot of guys? That she’s had sex with two guys in one night…had tons of low quality sex- like the guy from San Diego she hooked up with just because he offered to pay for her trip? When you find out that your girl […]

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Russell Brand On Porn

Hey Men, Here’s one of the most lucid videos I’ve come across by a celebrity on Pornography.   Be Happy, Chris Haven Still trying to quit porn? What are you waiting for? If you haven’t yet, pick up your copy of Quit Porn In 30 Days here!  

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Why I Refuse to be Wussified


This article is a guest post by Kino Suave- The Gentleman Chauvinist There are two things I can guarantee you. When I leave this life, I will leave it still being black and still being a man. I make no apologies or concessions for either. I am thankful for both of these blessings actually. Now […]

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12 Reasons Why We Cheat


On the rough and painful path towards becoming better with women, I have been on the giving and receiving end of infidelity. As a recovered porn addict, I come from a place where I cheated on partners as a direct result of my addiction as well as self esteem issues. Relationships become very complicated when […]

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