10 Superpowers You Gain from Quitting Porn



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Why All Porn Users are Losers


    Its my belief that this generation has the greatest generation of LOSERS that ever walked the planet. Whats a loser? According to the dictionary: a person or thing that loses or has lost something, especially a game or contest. synonyms: defeated person, also-ran, runner-up

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Pamela Anderson and the Truth About Porn Stars


  Yesterday,  Pamela Anderson jumped on the anti-porn train to talk about the dangers of pornography. Whether she really means what she says, or its just a PR move to gain publicity, I don’t know. Either way, I’ll take her word over the fraud Elizabeth Smart any day. What I do know is that I […]

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Is Elizabeth Smart a Fraud?

Elizabeth Smart

A few days ago, I received an alert stating that a certain child kidnap victim- “Elizabeth Smart” was blaming her captor’s “sick pornography addiction” for her 9 rape ordeal while kidnapped. For those of you who don’t know the story, here’s an excerpt/summary of what happened taken from the YouTube Page of the non profit […]

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Failure Is Not An Option

No failure

  “ Everyone has a plan until he gets punched in the mouth.” -Mike Tyson One thing I’ve learned over the years coaching men to quit porn is that most men who have a problem quitting porn also face MASSIVE setbacks in multiple areas in their lives.

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How To tell If You Are Addicted To Porn

The Quit Porn Program

Denial. Denial is the single biggest factor holding men back from tackling pornography use in their lives. I remember when I used to sway between accepting that I couldn’t quit watching porn and feeling that I had it under control.

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The Rise of Social Prostitution

social prostitute

There’s an important issue I’d like men who read QPGG to understand. From the emails I receive, it’s apparent that many men have a skewed perception of how sexual economics works in our society. Remaining unaware of how it works will most likely lead to you being completely screwed down the road.

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I am not Anti- Pornography

not anti-porn-

  Recently, Republican delegates voted to propose an amendment which declares pornography ” a public health crisis”. QuitPornGetGirls.com supports this initiative. There is already propaganda being put out by the DNC  which is trying to brainwash the masses into believing that there is no proof that pornography is harmful. There is a knee-jerk tendency to […]

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Memorial Day Sale

memorial day sale

Memorial Day Weekend is here and I’ve got a treat for everyone. QuitPornGetGirls.com is having a memorial day sale! I am discontinuing my coaching for the forseeable future. For all of you who have been procrastinating on jumping on my coaching, ebooks and courses, this is your opportunity to grab everything you can.

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How To Overcome Approach Anxiety (Part 3)

approach anxiety 4

  In part 1, we discussed the basics of anxiety, and why it affects us In part 2, we discussed the patterns of anxiety and things to avoid when trying to beat your approach anxiety Today, we’re going to discuss emotional responses to anxiety.

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